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Stihl 025 Parts List PDF

Stihl 025 Parts List Manual

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Stihl 025 Parts List to help in identification of all parts of Stihl 025 chainsaws. Clear diagrams and information that can be viewed on all devices. This is the full parts list in PDF that can be downloaded free from here

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Stihl 025 Chainsaw Parts Identification

This is the Stihl 025 parts list manual. It is in a pdf format which contains clear exploded diagrams to help you quickly find the part that you need to repair your Stihl 025 chainsaw. The Stihl 025 was introduced in 1993 and is still in production today. The 025 model is a chain saw that was produced by Stihl beginning in 1991. It has been discontinued, It is now known as the Stihl MS 250 as” it grew up” during Stihl’s product renumbering in 2002. Stihl classify this saw as being a homeowner petrol chainsaw. It is a value for money work horse.

The 025 is equipped with a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with a displacement of 2.77 cubic inches, a bore of 1.7 inches and a stroke of 1.26 inches. This engine is bigger than those of the related 021 model, which has a displacement of 2.15 cubic inches, and the 023, which has a displacement of 2.45 cubic inches.

The 025 is equipped with electronic magneto ignition, all-position diaphragm carburetor and integrated fuel pump. The saw’s powerhead, without a bar or chain attached, weighs 10.1 pounds.

Bar and Chain, the 025 can accommodate 12-, 14-, 16- or 18-inch bars, and it came equipped with a Stihl reduced-kickback bar with a Rollomatic sprocket nose that was compatible with 3/8-inch Picco or 0.325-inch chain pitches. The saw is also equipped with a fully automatic, speed-controlled chain oiler.

Contents of Stihl 025 Parts List

Introduction, Specifications, Clutch, Engine, Ignition system, Rewind starter, Throttle control, Fuel system, Carburettor, Av system, Shaft, Cutting tool drive, Support frame,Special servicing tools and aids

Stihl 025 Parts List Diagrams


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