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Repair Procedures of Stihl 4-MIX Engine

MIX® Troubleshooting and Repair Before any repair work is performed on a machine, a thorough evaluation should be made to determine what parts are actually in need of replacement or maintenance. The service manuals for STIHL 4-MIX® engines outline testing procedures as well as special tools that are needed to repair the equipment. The STIHL […]

How To Adjust A Zama Carburetor

How to adjust typical diaphragm carburetors On most Zama carburetors to help find the correct adjustment there is a small L beside the Idle mixture screw and H beside the High speed mixture adjustment. Normal adjustment for 2 needle carburetors begins with the L needle. This adjustment controls the fuel flow to the low speed […]

Walbro Carburetor Troubleshooting

Reset the Walbro Carburetor to Default Settings For Walbro Carburetor Troubleshooting, a good place to start is with the “default” settings. To do this, tighten both screws all the way in (don’t apply a lot of torque, just enough) then back them out 1½ full turns. At this point, the engine should start and run, […]

Adjusting air and fuel on the Stihl Chainsaw

Adjusting Air and Fuel On The Stihl Chainsaw Adjusting air and fuel on the Stihl Chainsaw is a fairly easy job. The fuel and air mixture in any gasoline-powered engine is regulated by the carburetor, and the carburetor in a Stihl chainsaw is pre factory-adjusted to provide the best performance. It goes out of adjustment […]

Stihl Carburetor Service Repair Manual

Stihl Carburetor Repair Guide With Diagrams Stihl Carburetor Service Repair Manual for the repair proceedures of most Stihl Carburetors. The manual is available as a full PDF download, containing clear diagrams and accurate repair and tuning information that is suitable for most Stihl carburetors. Stihl Carburetor Service Repair Manual Contents 1. Safety Precautions 2 2. Introduction 2 […]

Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor Troubleshooting Chart

Settings For Stihl Carburetor Adjust your Stihl carburetor with this handy quick reference Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor Troubleshooting guide. Use this Chart to quick reference your carburetor issues. SCREW(H)—CAUTION! chainsaw carburetor adjustment Adjustment of the high speed adjusting screw(H)not only affects the power output but also the maximum off-load engine speed. If the setting is too lean […]

How To Adjust A Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor

Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment All Stihl chainsaws have just three carburetor adjustment screws, so fairly easy to work on when you need to a Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor adjustment. (LA) Idle Speed screw – This controls the engine speed at idle. If set too low, the saw will die. If set too high the chain will run. […]

How to Rebuild a Chainsaw Carburetor

The carburetor controls the air and fuel mixture to the engine. If the engine won’t start and the tank is full of fresh fuel, test the carburetor by removing the air filter and pour about a teaspoon of fuel into the carburetor. Pull the starter rope. If the engine starts but quickly dies, the carburetor […]

How to Replace a Chainsaw Carburetor In Easy Steps

Looking To Replace A Chainsaw Carburetor? This step-by-step repair guide shows how to replace a chainsaw carburetor. The carburetor mixes air and gas before the fuel mix goes to the engine. If the engine won’t start and the tank is full of fresh fuel, test the carburetor by removing the air filter and pouring about […]


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