How to Replace a Chainsaw Fuel Line In Easy Steps

repair or change a chainsaw fuel line

Replace a Chainsaw Fuel Line

Chainsaw fuel lines can clog, crimp, or turn brittle with age and crack. This step-by-step repair guide shows how to replace a fuel line. If the fuel lines on your chainsaw leak

Time required: Less than 30 min To Replace a Chainsaw Fuel Line

Tools Required
Allen wrench, 7/16″ socket driver, Needle-nose pliers, Approved fuel container, Scissors, Work gloves, Wire coat hanger, Paper towels or shop rags

Drain the fuel tank First

In a well-ventilated area, remove the fuel cap and empty the fuel tank into an approved storage container

Remove the cylinder shield Next

Using an Allen wrench, remove the screws that hold the cylinder shield to the engine. Lift off the shield.

Disconnect the spark plug wire and remove the air filter

Disconnect the wire from the spark plug. Pull the cover off the air filter housing and remove the filter.

Remove the fuel filter

Straighten a piece of coat hanger and bend a hook on the end. Feed it through the mouth of the tank and fish out the white cylindrical fuel filter. Cut the fuel line to remove the filter.

Remove the carburetor mounting nuts

Using a 7/16″ socket driver, remove the two mounting nuts that secure the carburetor to the engine.

Remove the air filter housing

Pull the air filter housing off the carburetor.

Remove the carburetor

Pull the carburetor from the engine block, sliding it along the mounting studs. Be careful not to bend the throttle linkage or damage the gas lines.

Tip: For accurate reassembly, take digital photos of the throttle linkage on the carburetor and the gas line connections.

Disconnect the fuel lines from the carburetor and primer bulb

Pull the fuel lines off the carburetor and primer bulb, using needle-nose pliers.

Tip: With some chainsaw models you’ll have to remove the screws from the primer bulb to detach the fuel lines.

Remove the fuel lines from the tank

Use needle-nose pliers to pull the fuel lines out of the gas tank.

Push the new fuel lines into the tank

Use a pair of scissors to cut the new fuel lines at an angle to thread them into the tank. Push the large line about 1 inch into the tank. Push the small line far enough into the tank so that it can be grabbed through the mouth of the tank with needle-nose pliers.

Tip: To ease threading, lubricate the fuel lines with a drop of oil.

Install the filter

Pull the small line out the mouth of the tank. Cut the end square and install the fuel filter. Pull the line back in so the filter rests on the bottom of the tank.

Trim the fuel lines and connect them to the carburetor.

Reinstall the carburetor

Slip the carburetor onto the mounting studs and push it into place. Position the air filter housing on the protruding studs.

Replace the mounting nuts and tighten them to seal the gasket between the engine and the carburetor.

Tip: Avoid crimping the fuel lines when re-installing the carburetor.

Reinstall the air filter cover and connect the spark plug

Reinstall the cylinder shield on the chainsaw. Refill the fuel tank.

This should help you to Replace a Chainsaw Fuel Line fairly easily. After reading this article Replace a “Chainsaw Fuel Line”, your chainsaw should start, if not check out our other how to do articles and chainsaw free  manuals.