Husqvarna 380CD Specifications

Husqvarna 380CD Specifications

The Husqvarna 380CD chainsaw was a robust and reliable machine manufactured by Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB in Huskvarna, Sweden. It was introduced in 1977 and was a popular choice among loggers and professional arborists due to its sturdy construction and anti-vibration handlebar system.

The chainsaw had a 77cc (4.7 cu. in.) engine displacement, with a piston bore of 52mm (2.05 in.) and a piston stroke of 36mm (1.42 in.). The Husqvarna 380CD had a die-cast magnesium construction and a distinctive orange enamel color scheme. Despite its popularity, the chainsaw is no longer made and has been discontinued.

Specifications Chart

Manufactured byHusqvarna Vapenfabriks AB, Huskvarna, Sweden
Year Introduced1977
Year DiscontinuedN/A
Engine Displacement77cc (4.7 cu. in.)
Cylinder Bore52mm (2.05 in.)
Piston Stroke36mm (1.42 in.)
Cylinder TypeAluminum with chrome plated bore
Intake MethodPiston ported
Handlebar SystemAnti-vibration
Chain BrakeYes
Drive TypeDirect
ConstructionDie-cast magnesium
Magneto TypeCapacitor discharge
CarburetorTillotson HS-122A, 169A, B series
Major Repair KitRK-23HS
Minor Repair KitDG-5HS/T
Air Filter SystemNylon mesh cartridge
Starter TypeHusqvarna automatic rewind
Oil PumpAutomatic, adjustable
Ignition TimingMark on the stator plate should align with the mark
Breaker Point Settingnone
Flywheel/Coil Air Gap0.3 mm (0.012 in.)
Spark Plug TypeBosch WS7F or Champion CJ7Y
Spark Plug Gap0.5mm (0.020 in.)
Crankshaft Main BearingsBall
Fuel Oil Ratio40:1
Recommended Fuel OctaneRegular
Mix Oil SpecificationTwo-stroke chain saw mix oil
Chain Pitch3/8 in.
Bar Mount Pattern17 link
Shortest Guide Bar Supplied40cm (16 in.)
Color SchemeHusqvarna Orange enamel
Service ManualYes
Illustrated Parts ListYes
Husqvarna 380CD chainsaw Specs

In conclusion, the Husqvarna 380CD chainsaw was a powerful and reliable machine that was manufactured by Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB in Huskvarna, Sweden from 1977 until it was discontinued. With its 77cc engine displacement, anti-vibration handlebar system, and automatic, adjustable oil pump, the Husqvarna 380CD was a popular choice for professionals in the forestry industry.

Its durable construction, die-cast magnesium, and chrome-plated bore cylinder type made it a long-lasting and dependable tool. Although it is no longer made, the Husqvarna 380CD chainsaw remains a popular choice for those who value its power and performance.

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