HUSQVARNA 339 XP Workshop Manual


Husqvarna 339 XP Workshop Manual for the 339XP chainsaws. View free page images online or download full PDF containing pictures, diagrams and information. Print or save to any suitable device.
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Husqvarna 339 XP Workshop Manual Repair

Husqvarna 339 XP Workshop Manual for the Husqvarna chainsaw. Repair and service the 339XP with this manual. The manual has diagrams and accurate information as used by mechanics and repair shops to troubleshoot and repair the chainsaw. View free page images online or download a full PDF that you can print or view on any suitable device.


The manuals have plenty of pictures and diagrams to help with repairs and servicing. May be used as a guide for other models as they may share key components such as motors.

Husqvarna 339 XP Workshop Manual Contents

The index may vary with model number

Introduction, Specifications, Troubleshooting, Attachments, Air Filter, Carburetor, Crankcase, Clutch, Engine, Ignition, Starter, Servicing, Controls, Fuel System, Electrics, Special Tools.

This PDF manual helps you find the information you need quickly and easily. it provides a detailed description of for troubleshooting, repair and testing of the chain saw.

Husqvarna 339 XP Chainsaw Specifications

Displacement 39 cc
Power 2.4 hp
Engine Type 2 Stroke
Power Type 50:1 Gasoline
Fuel Capacity 12.16 fl oz

Weight 8.8 lbs

Sound (db max) 99 dB(A)
Sound Power (LWA) 112 dB(A)

Bar Oil Capacity 5.44 fl oz
Chain Type .325
Bar Size 13″ – 18″
Bar Mount Small Mount (K095)

Lightweight, smaller pro saw perfect for working in the tree and on the ground. Its superior balance makes it ideal for elevated bucket work. Ergonomic design and a high power-to-weight ratio enhance productivity for the arborist or urban forestry worker. This unique saw has not only the features of an arborist saw, but also a rear handle to provide better leverage in cross-cutting.

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