Husqvarna 545G Mark II Workshop Manual


Husqvarna 545G Mark II Workshop Manual for the service and repair of the Husqvarna 545G Mark II chainsaw. View pages online or download a complete PDF manual with clear easy to understand images, diagrams and information. Print or save to any device.


Husqvarna 545G Mark II Workshop Manual Repair

Husqvarna 545G Mark II Workshop Manual for the Repair and service of the Husqvarna 545G Mark II chainsaw. The PDF workshop service manual has accurate, easy to understand information and diagrams to help repair and service the chainsaw. Service Information to help you to troubleshoot, repair and fix the Husqvarna 545G Mark II chainsaw. View pages online or download a complete PDF service manual that you can easily save, print or view on any device.

Husqvarna 545G Mark II Workshop Manual Contents

Contents, Introduction, Safety Regulations, Symbols, Technical data, Service tools, Service data, Safety equipment, Starter, Electrical system, Centrifugal clutch, Lubrication system, Carburetor, Tank unit, Anti-vibration system, Piston and cylinder, Crankcase and crankshaft, Troubleshooting, Repair Instructions.


See the complete service workshop manual, carburetor manual, parts list, operator manual and technical supplements PDF downloads. Also the repair and service articles available on this website for more information on how to service, repair and find parts for the chainsaw.

Husqvarna 545G Mark II Chainsaw Specifications

Chain speed at max power 19.1 m/s
Cylinder displacement 50.1 cm³
Power output 2.7 kW
Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)
844 g/kWh
Recommended bar length, min 33 cm
Recommended bar length, max 50 cm
Pitch .325″
Chain type S35G
Guide Bar 38 cm
Bar length (inch) 15 in
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 5.3 kg
Sound and Noise
Sound pressure level at operators ear 106 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 116 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle 3.6 m/s²
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle 4.1 m/s²

Read the Husqvarna 545G Mark II Workshop Manual for more chainsaw specs.

The Husky 545G Mark II chainsaw is powerful, durable and easy to manoeuvre, 50cc chainsaw for felling, limbing and bucking small and mid-sized trees. The slimmed-down design and host of innovative features make for efficient, reliable and comfortable operation. Heated handles increase work comfort in cold and wet conditions.

Husqvarna 545 G Mark II is a professional saw with a lot of power, high-quality workmanship for daily use and with heated grips for comfortable working in autumn and winter.

Husqvarna 545G Mark II (second generation) replaced by the 545 (first generation) chainsaw. G with Husqvarna chainsaws = Generator for Heated handles and or carb heater.

The Husqvarna 545 G Mark II (with optional handle heating) is a very light yet powerful chainsaw at only 5.5 kg and 2.7 kW / 3.6 HP.

Ideal for part-time forestry work, very demanding private users or for forest owners.

The Husqvarna 545 G Mark II  is equipped with the perfectly fitting X-Cut chain (.325″, 1.3mm) with long- lasting sharpness and improved cutting performance as well as the durable and lightweight X-Force bar (38cm bar length).

The heated grips are a welcome feature against cold hands in winter. Even gloves that have become damp can be dried again using heated grips. Of course, the heated grips can also be switched off on warm days.

The machine is extremely robust and designed for regular use – like all models in the 500 series from Husqvarna.

The 545 already has AutoTune, the automatic carburetor, which optimally adjusts the chainsaw – depending on the weather and fuel type.


  • powerful motor with 2.7kW/ 3.6PS
  • Displacement 50.1 cm³
  • Weight only 5.5kg
  • Cutting length 38cm, chain ‘325″, 1.3mm
  • SmartStart for easy starting
  • automatic AutoTune carburetor
  • heated grips

Husqvarna 545G Mark II Workshop Manual PDF

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