Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Operators Manual


Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Operators Manual. View pages online or download a PDF manual with clear easy to understand images, diagrams and information. Print or download and save to any device for the Husqvarna T425 chainsaw


The Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Operators Manual covers chainsaw maintenance, explains all aspects of the chainsaw and helps you to troubleshoot the Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw. View and Download the PDF chainsaw operator’s safety and operating instruction manual online. Download, view or save to any device including your computer, mobile phone or tablet or print for the workshop.

The Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Operators Manual guide to chainsaw operating techniques covering safety and maintenance, with detailed information including pictures and clear illustrations.


Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Operators Manual

Contents of the PDF operator manual include (depending on model):

Introduction, Safety, Chainsaw overview, Assembly, Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Technical data, Accessories, guide bar and saw chain, Lubrication.

Chainsaw User Instruction Manual

View Online Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Operators Manual

Fuel pump, Twist lock, Chain brake, Oilomatic saw chain, Guide bar, Front chain tensioner,  Side chain tensioner, Adjusting tensioner, Chain sprocket, Chain sprocket cover, Bumper spike,  Chain catcher, Decompression valve, Muffler, Starter grip, Spark plug terminal, Oil filler cap, Fuel filler cap, Master control lever, Throttle trigger interlock, Throttle trigger, Front handle, Front hand guard, Rear handle, Rear hand guard.

This is the Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw User Guide, owner manual, instructions in PDF.

Adjusting Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Carburetor (for manual carburetor)

Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw chainsaw carburetor guide. The carburetor has been factory adjusted to provide the optimal engine air/fuel flow. Instructions for standard settings to adjust the idling screw, turning either clockwise or counter clockwise. Learn how to set the idling screw correctly if the engine is cutting out or idling incorrectly.

Learn how to check the spark plug for a good electrical spark, cleaning or replacing if required. Air filter cleaning and replacement is described in the operator manual. Detailed carburetor PDF manuals are available from this website.

Carburetor – General Chainsaw Adjustment

Adjusting the carburettor involves adjusting the engine to the local conditions e.g. climate, altitude, fuel and type of two-stroke oil. The carburettor is equipped with three adjustment options.
L = Low speed jet
H = High speed jet
T = Idling adjustment screw

The L and H jets adjust the fuel flow to match the airflow that the throttle valve opening allows. Turning them clockwise makes the fuel/air mixture weaker (less fuel in relation to the amount of air) and turning them anti-clockwise makes the fuel/air mixture richer. A weak mixture increases the engine speed and a rich mixture decreases the engine speed.

The T screw controls the throttle position when idling. Turning the T screw clockwise gives faster idling; turning it anti-clockwise lowers idling speed (see manual for complete guide).

Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw Specifications


Cylinder displacement: 25.4 cm³
Power output: 0.96 kW
Idling speed: 2900 rpm
Maximum power speed: 9000 rpm
Cylinder bore: 34 mm
Cylinder stroke: 28 mm
Ignition system: Ikeda Denso
Ignition module air gap: 0.3 mm
Spark plug: Champion RCJ7Y, NGK BPMR7A
Electrode gap: 0.65 mm
Carburettor model name: Walbro WT 804
Fuel tank volume: 0.23 lit
Oil tank volume: 0.16 lit
Oil pump type: Automatic
Oil pump capacity: 3-9 ml / min

Cutting equipment

Chain pitch: 1/4 “, 3/8”
Recommended bar length, min-max: 25-25 cm
Chain speed at max power: 17.1 m / s
Bar mount: Small


Weight: 3 kg

See manuals for more Husqvarna T425 chainsaw specs.

More information for the service and repair of the Husqvarna T425 Chainsaw chainsaw can be found in any service workshop manual, parts list, carburetor manual and any technical notes. Available for PDF download or online viewing on this website.

Also check out any questions and answers, articles or the full specifications pages for the Husqvarna Chainsaw.

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