Poulan PLN1514 Operator Manual


Poulan PLN1514 Operator Manual. View pages online or download a PDF manual with clear easy to understand images, diagrams, and information. Print or download the Poulan PLN1514 electric Chainsaw instructions manual.


Poulan PLN1514 Operator Manual

Poulan PLN1514 Operator Manual covers chainsaw maintenance and explains all aspects of the chainsaw and helps you to troubleshoot the Poulan PLN1514 Chainsaw. View and Download the PDF chainsaw operator’s safety and operating instruction manual online. Download, view online, or print for the workshop.

The Poulan PLN1514 Operator Manual is a comprehensive guide that provides important information and instructions for safely and effectively using the Poulan PLN1514 electric chainsaw. The manual covers all aspects of the chainsaw, including assembly, maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting, making it an essential resource for all users of this product.


The manual starts with an overview of the chainsaw’s features and specifications, including the cutting capacity, chain oiling system, and safety features. It then provides detailed instructions on how to properly assemble the chainsaw, including the bar, chain, and sprocket.

The manual also includes important safety information, such as proper personal protective equipment and how to avoid hazards while using the chainsaw. It also provides detailed instructions on how to operate the chainsaw, including how to start it, adjust the chain tension, and make cuts.

The maintenance section of the manual covers topics such as how to clean and lubricate the chainsaw, and how to perform routine maintenance tasks like tightening the bolts, replacing the air filter, and checking the chain oiling system. The manual also includes troubleshooting information to help users identify and resolve common issues with the chainsaw.

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Poulan PLN1514 Operator Manual

Chain drive sprocket, Rear handle, power trigger lockout, power trigger, air vents, front handle, chain oil tank, oil level window, nose sprocket, saw chain, bar, chain brake, front hand guard, clutch cover, chain catcher, chain guard, Safety instructions, key to symbols, personal safety equipment, inspecting, maintaining, servicing, cutting equipment, how to avoid kickback, general working conditions, assembly mounting bar and chain, start and stop, technical data, (models may vary).

This is the Poulan PLN1514 electric Chainsaw User Guide, owner manual, and PDF instructions.

Poulan PLN1514 electric Chainsaw Specifications

Feature Specification
Brand Poulan
Model PLN1514
Product Type Chainsaw
Horsepower 1.5 HP
CC 1.5
Motor Amps 8 Amps
Vibration Damping No
Chain and Bar Included Yes
Chain Pitch 3/8″
Bar Length 14 Inches
Bar Oiler Manual
Tool-less Chain Tensioning No
Kickback Nose No
Maximum Bar Length 14 Inches
Minimum Bar Length 14 Inches
Bar Sprocket No
Weight 8 Pounds
Length 27 Inches
Width 8 Inches
Height 7 Inches
Power Type Electric
UPC 024761034807
Country of Origin China

Poulan PLN1514, 14 Amp Electric Corded Chainsaw, 16-inch

See manuals for more Poulan electric chainsaw specifications and information.

More information for the service and repair of the Poulan PLN1514 electric Chainsaw can be found if available in any service workshop manual, parts list, carburetor manual, and any technical notes. Available for PDF download or online on this website.

Features of Poulan PLN1514 Chainsaw

  • 8 Amp, 1-1/2 HP (Peak) Electric Motor
  • Great for small jobs around the house
  • Plugs into any household outlet; double-insulated for safety
  • Weighs Only 8 Pounds
  • Lightweight & easy to handle
  • 14″ Low-Kickback Bar and Chain
  • Handles small trees & limbs with ease
  • Manual Oiler
  • Keeps chain running smoothly
  • Lock / Off Button
  • Prevents accidental starting

Read more in the Poulan PLN1514 Operator Manual.

Poulan (14″) 8-Amp Electric Chainsaw, PLN1514

Powered by an easy-starting 8Ah motor, the Poulan PLN1514 chainsaw with a 14″ bar is lightweight and features an inline engine design for added balance and control.

  • 1.5 HP motor
  • 8-amp electric motor
  • 14″ bar and chain
  • Lightweight electric chainsaw for pruning and cutting limbs

Poulan (14″) 8-Amp Electric Chainsaw, PLN1514. (manufacturers description)

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