Stihl 012 Parts List Manual


Stihl 012 chainsaw parts list to view online or download and print. Diagrams and part numbers. Full PDF


Stihl 012 Parts List Identification

Stihl 012 Parts List for the correct identification of all component parts of the Stihl 012 chainsaw. PDF full version download available, containing clear diagrams and information to assist in the chainsaw workshop parts identification. Clear parts numbers lookup and diagrams. The service manual is also available from this website.

Contents of Stihl 012 Parts List

Introduction, Specifications, Clutch, Engine, Cutting tool drive, Support frame, Special servicing tools and aids, Ignition system, Rewind starter, Throttle control, Fuel system, Carburettor, Av system, Shaft.


The Stihl 012 chainsaw was made in between the years of 1986 – 1991. It is a lightweight low power saw which is suitable for occasional use. It is used by a lot of artists for wood carving as it is lightweight and easily handled.

This is the Stihl 012 parts list manual.

PDF format which contains clear exploded diagrams to help you quickly find the part that you need to repair your Stihl 012 chainsaw.

Stihl 012 Chainsaw Specifications

First year of production: 1986

Weight with standard bar: 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)

Displacement: 45 cc (2.74 cu. in.)

Stated horsepower: 2.2

Fuel mix: 40:1 with Stihl 2 cycle oil

Fuel tank size: 250 ml

Standard Cylinder Diameter: 40 mm (1.57 in.)

Piston stroke: 36 mm (1.42 in.)

Cylinder construction: chrome-plated aluminum

Crankcase construction: cast magnesium

Standard chain pitch: 3/8 Picco low profile

Stihl 012 Parts List PDF

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