Stihl 020 AV Parts List Manual


Stihl 020 AV Parts List Manual for 020AV chainsaw. View free images and diagrams or download full PDF parts list to view on all devices and print.


Stihl 020 AV Parts List Manual And Diagrams

Stihl 020 AV Parts List for the Stihl chainsaw. Find Stihl 020AV including 020 AV Super parts and part numbers with this PDF manual. The parts list (IPL) manual has diagrams in exploded view and accurate information in a parts breakdown schematic for the 020 AV chainsaw. View free page images or download a full PDF that you can print or view on all suitable devices.

Stihl 020 AV Parts List diagrams and schematics help with finding spare parts. May be used as a guide for other models as they may share key components such as motors.


Two different parts lists are included for free here the 020T and the 020 depending on the year of manufacture of your chainsaw, the bore hole size and a few differences in components being main difference (use the 020 parts list if required) for the AV model-difference being the anti-vibration handle part. The service manual on this website is specifically for the 020AV as it covers the actual repairs and parts replacement.

Stihl 020 AV Parts List Specifications

First year of production: From 1971

Weight with standard bar: 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg)

Displacement: 32 cc (2 cu. in.)

Walbro Carburetor models: WA-1-1 , WA-86-1 , WT-15-1 , WT-326-1

Zama Carburetor Models: C1Q-S32 , C1Q-S16A (020T)

Fuel mix: 40:1 with Stihl 2 cycle oil

Fuel tank size: 400 ml

Standard Cylinder Diameter: 38 mm (1.49 in.)

Piston stroke: 28 mm (1.1 in.)

Spark Plug: Bosch WSR6F, Champion RCJ6Y Spark Plug, NGK BPMR7A

Cylinder construction: chrome plated aluminum

Crankcase construction: cast magnesium

Standard chain pitch: 3/8″ low profile (1/4″ on older models)

The early model 020AV came in a top handle model, as well as a rear handle AVP model.

Stihl 020 AV Parts List PDF

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