Stihl MSE 140 Operator Manual


Stihl MSE 140 operator manual and user instructions. PDF view online or download and print the MSE 140 chainsaw instructions. Clear, concise and easy to understand.

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Stihl MSE 140 Operator Manual

Stihl MSE 140 operator manual for the MSE 140 chainsaw. PDF download operator instructions on how to use and maintain the Stihl MSE 140 (MSE140) chainsaw. Clear and concise with easy to understand diagrams detailing the safety, operating, maintaining and storing of the chainsaw.

Stihl MSE 140 Chainsaw Operator Manual Contents

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, Mounting the Bar and Chain, Tensioning the Saw Chain, Checking Chain Tension, Chain Lubricant, Filling Chain Oil Tank, Checking Chain Lubrication, Coasting Brake, Chain Brake, Connecting Saw to Power Supply, Switching On, Switching Off, Overload Circuit Breaker, Operating Instructions, Taking Care of Guide Bar, Motor Cooling, Storing the Machine, Checking and Replacing Chain Sprocket, Maintaining and Sharpening Saw Chain, Maintenance Chart, Main Parts of the Saw, Specifications, Ordering Spare Parts, Maintenance and Repairs.


This is the Stihl MSE 140 PDF User Guide, owner manual, instructions.

More information for the service and repair of the Stihl MSE 140 chainsaw can be found in any service workshop manual, parts list, carburetor manual and any technical notes available for PDF download or online viewing on this website. Also check out any questions and answers, articles or the full specifications pages for the Stihl MSE 140 chainsaw.

Stihl MSE 140 Chainsaw Specifications

Available in: 12 or 14 inch bar lengths.

Voltage: 230 V

Power consumption: 1.4 KW

Weight: 3.6 KG

Stihl MSE 140 Operator Manual PDF

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