Stihl MSE 220 Service Workshop Manual


Stihl MSE 220 Service Workshop Manual, PDF with diagrams and clear repair instructions for Stihl MSE220 chainsaw. Download the manual


Stihl MSE 220 Service Manual

Stihl MSE 220 service workshop manual, view online or download PDF, complete with diagrams and clear repair instructions for the MSE220 electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaw service manual. An Operator manual and parts list PDF is also available to view online or download.

General Contents of Stihl MSE 220 Service Manual


1. Introduction, 2. Safety Precautions, 3. Specifications, 3.1 Motor, 3.2 Tightening Torques 4, 4. Troubleshooting, 4.1 Motor, 4.2 Chain Drive, Chain Brake, 4.3 Chain Lubrication, 5. Chain Drive, Chain Brake, Chain Lubrication and Chain Tensioner, 5.1 Chain Sprocket, 5.2 Chain Tensioner, 5.3 Collar Screw (Bar Stud), 5.4 Chain Lubrication, 5.4.1 Oil Tank, 5.4.2 Oil Pump, 5.4.3 Pickup Hose, 5.4.4 Delivery Hose, 5.5 Chain Brake, 5.5.1 Testing, 5.5.2 Removing and Installing, 6. Electrical Circuit, 6.1 General,6.2.1 Electrostatic Charging 13, 6.2.2 Connecting Cord, 6.2.3 On/Off Switch, 6.2.4 Electronic Module, 6.2.5 Chain Brake Switch, 6.2.6 Circuit Diagram of 6.3.3 Interlock Button, 6.3.4 Capacitor 18, 6.3.5 Overload Circuit Breaker, 6.3.6 Chain Brake Switch, Motor,  7.1 Filter, 7.2 Carbon Brushes 21, 7.3 Rotor, 7.4 Stator, 8. Housing, 8.1 Handle Molding, 8.2 Outer Gear Housing, 8.3 Inner Gear Housing, 8.4 Motor Housing, 9. Special Servicing Tools, 10. Servicing Aids.

Stihl MSE 220  Specifications

Weight kg (1)
Cable Lenght m
Power Output kW
Rated Voltage V
Recommended Bar Lengths cm
Sound power level in dB(A)(2)
The sound pressure level in dB(A)(2)
Vibration value left/right/s² (3)
Saw chain Pitch
STIHL Oilomatic chain saw type

The clamping screw is actuated laterally through the sprocket cover. This prevents contact
of the hand with the sharp saw chain and the tips of the claws attack. Overload protection Turns off the motor before it overheats, for example when significant pressure is applied
or if the guide bar becomes jammed in the wood

Stihl MSE 220 Workshop Manual Diagrams

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