Walbro HDA-268A Carburetor Adjustment Echo 590 Chainsaw Manual


Walbro HDA Carburetor adjustment Manual and Parts List to help in the correct identification, repair and service of Echo 590 chainsaw Walbro HDA carburetors. View free online images or download the full pdf with diagrams and clear information.

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Walbro HDA-268A Carburetor Repair And Service

Walbro HDA-268A Carburetor Manual and Parts List for the correct identification, repair and service of the HDA carburetor. Commonly found in Echo 590 chainsaws, view free online images or download the full PDF which can be printed or saved on any suitable device using a PDF reader. Clear diagrams and information to assist in parts ordering or repair of this Walbro carburetor. Identify all component parts of the Walbro carburetor.

The Echo 590 chainsaw HDA-268A Walbro model number is stamped on the body of the carburetor-HDA-268A.


Chainsaw models:

Echo CS-590 chainsaw serial number: C25812001001C25812999999.

Echo CS-590 chainsaw serial number: C25913001001C25913999999.

Walbro HDA-268A carburetor is used on Echo 590 chainsaws as well as other models.

Service workshop manual, parts list and operator guide are also available for the Echo 590 chainsaw on this website.

IDLE ADJUSTMENT Of Walbro HDA-268A Carburetor on The Echo 590 Chainsaw Carburetor

A. Before starting the unit for adjustment, check the following items:
• Check spark plug for correct heat range and that plug is clean and properly gapped.
U.S. Spark Plug – BPM-8Y CAN Spark Plug – BPMR-8Y Gap: .026 in (0.65 mm)
• The air filter element must be clean and properly installed.
• The muffler spark arrester screen and exhaust port must be clear of carbon.
• The fuel lines, tank vent and fuel filter are in good condition and clear of debris.
• The fuel is fresh ( > 89 octane : RON+MON/2) and properly mixed at 50 : 1 with “ISO L-EGD”
or “JASO M345/FD” 2-stroke oil.
• The recommended bar and chain combination must be installed to the powerhead, and
properly tensioned.

NOTE: In order to achieve proper carburetor adjustment, a 20 inch bar and chain should be
installed, otherwise serious engine damage can occur due to overspeeding.

Set Lo and Hi mixture needles fully counterclockwise (CCW). Start and run engine for two minutes
alternating engine speed between Wide Open Throttle (WOT) for 5 seconds and idle for 5 seconds.
Adjust idle speed screw to 2,800 +/- 150 RPM. Adjust Hi mixture needle to 12,500 +/- 300
RPM. If engine does not run correctly after this adjustment, adjust carburetor without limiter caps

NOTE : Engine speed must be allowed to stabilize a minimum of 20 seconds after each adjustment
of Lo mixture needle to assure accurate tachometer readings.

Correct idle speed is 2,600 – 3,200 RPM. If chain continues to move at idle, lower idle RPM
using idle speed screw until chain stops moving. If unit will not idle below clutch engagement
speed, check clutch, clutch springs and clutch drum for damage. Make sure chain is at rest at
idle RPM before returning the unit to the customer.

Limiter caps prevent the carburetor from over rich or lean adjustments that
would allow the unit to exceed EPA and C.A.R.B emissions limits. The limiter
caps do not prevent excessive lean adjustment which may cause premature
engine failure. Recommended Hi speed engine RPM should not be exceeded
in normal operation, or for extensive periods during engine adjustment.

Walbro HDA Carburetor Manual and Parts List PDF For Echo 590 Chainsaw

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