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Walbro WT Carburetor Manual and Parts List. View free online images or download the full pdf with diagrams and clear information. Print or save to any suitable device using a PDF reader.

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Walbro WT Carburetor Repair And Service

Walbro WT Carburetor Manual and Parts List for the correct identification, repair and service of the WT series carburetor, commonly found on chainsaws. View free online images or download the full PDF which can be printed or saved on any suitable device using a PDF reader. Clear diagrams and information to help in parts ordering or repair of this Walbro WT series carburetor. Identify all component parts of the Walbro carburetor.

The Walbro model number is stamped on the body of the carburetor.



1. Close carburetor choke completely.
2. Set at the part-throttle position or as recommended by engine manufacturer.
3. Start engine.
4. After the engines, initial fire, disengage choke and repeat step 2 and 3.

NOTE: The idle and high-speed adjustment needles are pre-set by the engine manufacturer to their respective engine requirements, therefore, any carburetor adjustments must comply with the engine’s service manual specifications.


With both the idle and high-speed needles set at 1 ¼ turns open proceed as follows:

1. Start the engine and adjust idle speed screw so that engine idles slightly less than clutch engagement.

2. Turn idle needle clockwise (lean) until engine runs smoothly.
3. Readjust idle speed screw to specified engine idle RPM.
4. Continue turning the idle needle clockwise slowly until idle RPM begins to decrease. STOP.
5. Turn idle needle counter-clockwise for an optimum idle adjustment.
6. Record the needle setting for your future reference.


NOTE: Special care must be taken when adjusting the high-speed needle. An over-lean setting can severely damage an engine. Refer to owners manual for additional instructions.

1. With the high-speed needle at 1 ¼ turns open the engine should run at w.o.t. at a slightly richer condition.
2. With the engine running at w.o.t. turn the high-speed needle slowly clockwise until the engine obtains a smooth (2-cycle) running speed.
3. Optimum adjustment is obtained when a very slight 4-cycle sound at w.o.t. is heard.

NOTE II: Due to variations in altitudes readjustments to the high-speed needle may be required upon receiving the engine.
W.0.T. = Wide Open Throttle

Download the full PDF manual for the correct identification, repair and service of all Walbro WT series carburetors

Walbro WT Carburetor Manual and Parts List PDF

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