Chainsaw Wont Start?

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Chainsaw Wont Start?

If your Chainsaw won’t start, there are some common problems that you can check and troubleshoot procedures:

1 Is there a spark? Is there fuel in the tank

3 Is the fuel mixture correct?

4 Engine may be flooded

5 Is the air filter dirty?

6 Check carburetor adjustment screws

Check each of these items carefully, paying careful attention to the carburetor as this along with the spark plug is the most common cause. Download a free parts list from this website for your chainsaw along with the free carburetor manual (service manual also can be found with a site search-optional).

FREE carburetor manuals from HERE

FREE chainsaw parts list manuals from HERE

Chainsaw service and repair manuals from HERE

This should help in guiding you to the proper procedures to check for a non starting chainsaw.

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