My Stihl 029 chainsaw that has two different problems.


My Stihl 029 chainsaw that has two different problems. First, although the bar oil reservoir is full, no oil seems to be getting through. I’ve cleaned out where I think it should be coming from?

Second, the chain seems to lose tension after only about 30 seconds to 1 minute of cutting. I turn it off, tighten it back up, then the same thing happens again.

Any help or ideas?

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You probably have only one problem with your Stihl 029 chainsaw. The chain does not hold its tension because the oiler is not working correctly.

Check the oil hole in the bar. this is where the oil gets from the saw powerhead to the bar and chain. If that hole in the bar gets plugged with sawdust, it will not get to the chain.

Second. Inside the oil tank is a small oil filter attached to an oil line. This line is similar to the gas line. The oil filter many times will get plugged with saw dust and also gets gummed up from the par-a-tack in the bar oil. Remove this small filter from the line and clean it with kerosene. Then reinstall it. Make sure that the oil line is in good shape and does not have a hole in it.

Use the parts list available for free from this website or look at the service manual for the Stihl 029 also available from this website, hope this helps you.

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