Stihl 038 av has a problem starting, how to fix it?

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These are the basics to check for a ‘No-Start’ condition with a Stihl 038 AV chainsaw

1) Spark plug – brown or dark brown – OK
a) is it carbon or fuel fouled
b) is there spark

2) Muffler remove for inspection
a) exhaust screen clean or plugged
b) inspect cylinder wall/piston as the flywheel is slowly rotated
3) Check cylinder compression

Fuel starvation – ‘lean fuel’ condition
Basic things to check:
1) spark plug
2) spark arrestor in muffler
3) fuel lines and tank filter
4) turn adjustment needles out (counterclockwise) 1/4 to 1/2 turn

Chain Saws:
5) check impulse tube and intake boot for cracks or leaks
*if all of the above are OK and/or do not improve performance then:
Remove Carburetor
6) replace gaskets and or diaphragms
a) use a spray carburetor cleaner to clean jets, holes, and body of carburetor
b) fuel pump diaphragm goes against the carburetor body,
then the gasket towards the outside
c) metering gasket goes against the carburetor body,
and the diaphragm goes towards the outside

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