Stihl 044 and 440 chainsaw Cooling plate question


On many Stihl saws you’ll find what they refer to as a “cooling plate” mounted between the muffler and cylinder. On some models I believe were given the plate at some point after initial release.

My question is for anyone who may have an original 10mm 044 and/or has historical knowledge on the 044/440 line. I have what I believe to be an all-original 10mm 044. It does not have the cooling plate. I also have an early stihl MS440 chainsaw that does not have the cooling plate, but it was partially disassembled when I received it, so I can’t be sure if it was misplaced or not.

So, can anyone verify for me if early 044s had the plate and/or early 440s? I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I like my saws to be just as they should. I would stick a plate on the 044 simply because it certainly would not hurt anything from a performance standpoint, but the muffler lines up perfectly when mounted and it seems if I put the plate in there it’ll space the lower holes out a little bit from the case causing unnecessary stress. I believe the mufflers are the same throughout the range, as well as cylinder fitment, so I would have to assume if there is a difference regarding the plate it would have to be with the case dimensions?

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Looks like the cooling plate/heat shield was added after serial number X38472631 for the Stihl 044 chainsaw model.

Here’s the details.

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The cooling plate serves 2 main purposes on Stihl 044 chainsaws

1. To keep hot exhaust heat from the muffler from radiating towards the cylinder
2. To direct the flow of cooling air around the cylinder fins, behind the muffler and out the chain side of the saw

The “raised” description is in relation to the arrows as shown. The boss was raised as the bolt would see it, to account for the plate thickness

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Look at the IPL manual Pages 10 of the 044 parts list shows a cooling plate (item 12) which is free to view and download from this website.

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