Stihl FS 120, 200, 300, 350, 400, 450, FR 350, 450 Clutch Removing and Installing

Stihl FS 120, FS 200, FS 300, FS 350, FS 400 and FS 450 series of garden tools repair guide will help with the Clutch Removing and Installing. The FS series of the engine are often found in strimmers, brush cutters, edgers, and other tools. A Service Manual detailing the Clutch Removing and Installing procedures including full diagrams, as well as more complete repair information, is available to download. Also, a Stihl FS120, FS200, FS300, FS350, FS400, and FS450 Parts List, Operator Manual, and carburetor manual are also available to view or download as a PDF which can be read on any device or printed.


Removing and Installing


Troubleshooting chart – see “Standard Repairs, Troubleshooting” handbook.

  • Remove clutch housing – see 9.1 or 11.2.

All models

  • Inspect clutch drum. There should be no scores or signs of

excessive wear.

Important: If there are signs of serious wear on the inside diameter, fit a new clutch drum – see 11.2.

  • Remove the shroud – see 4.1.
  • Pull off the spark plug boot.
  • Unscrew the spark plug.

FS 120…350, FR 350

    • Fit locking strip (1) 0000 893 5903.

FS 400/450, FR 450

    • Fit locking strip (1) 4221 893 5900.
    • Take out screws (1).
    • Remove cover (2).
      • Remove clutch shoes with bushings.
      • Take bushings out of the clutch shoes.




Twist the clutch shoes and detach the springs.

Important: Clutch shoes and springs must always be replaced in pairs.

Clutch Carrier


  • Fit clutch shoes with springs and bushings so that the arrows point counterclockwise.
  • Fit cover in position.
  • Insert screws and tighten down to 12 Nm (8.8 lbf.ft).
  • Pull locking strip out of the cylinder.
  • Fit spark plug and tighten down to 20 Nm (15 lbf.ft).

Important: If the spark plug comes with a separate terminal nut, always fit the nut on the thread and tighten it down securely.

  • Fit the boot on the spark plug.
  • Fit the shroud – see 4.1.
  • Fit clutch housing – see 9.1 or 11.2.
  • Remove clutch – see 3.1.
  • Unscrew carrier from the end of the crankshaft.
  • Fit the carrier and tighten it down to 24 Nm (17.7 lbf.ft).
  • Install the clutch – see 3.1.

Stihl FS 120, FS 200, FS 300, FS 350, FS 400 and FS 450 series of garden tools repair guide will help with the Clutch inspection, removal and refitting

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