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Echo CS-341 Service Workshop Manual for the Echo 341 chainsaws. View free page images online or download PDF with images, diagrams and information. Print or save to any device.
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Echo CS-341 Service Manual Repair

Echo CS-341 Service Workshop Manual for the Repair and service of 341 chainsaws. The PDF manual has diagrams and acurate information to help to troubleshoot, repair and fix the Echo chainsaw. View free page images online or download a PDF manual that you can easily save, print or view on most devices.

Echo CS-341 Service Manual-Service Data


Specification, Technical data, Torque limits, Special repairing materials, Service limits., Special tools.


General adjusting rules, Presetting idle adjust screw, L mixture needle and H mixture needle, Adjusting carburetor.

See the additional carburetor manual, parts list, operator manual and technical supplements PDF download available on this website for more information on servicing and repair of the chainsaw.

Echo CS-341 Chainsaw Specifications

Echo CS-341 chainsaw model carbureter type: Walbro WT-589 OEM Part Number A021000232.

Model: CS-341

External dimensions
Length: 260 (10.2)

Width mm(in): 235 (9.3)

Height mm(in): 220 (8.7)

Dry weight kg(lb): 3.2 (7.1)


Type: KIORITZ, air-cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder Two-piece casting, Reed valve

Rotation: Clockwise as viewed from the output end
Displacement: cm3(in3) 33.4 (2.037)
Bore: mm(in) 39.0 (1.535)
Stroke: mm(in) 28.0 (1.102)
Compression ratio: 7.0 : 1


Carburettor Type: Diaphragm, horizontal-draught
Model: (Walbro) WT-589
Venturi size-Throttle bore: mm(in) 9.53 – 14.3 (3/8 – 9/16)


Ignition Type: CDI (Capacitor discharge ignition) system in a single integrated piece, with electronic timing advancer
Spark plug: BPM8Y


Muffler: Spark arrestor muffler with catalyst


Type: Automatic rewind
Rope diameter x length: mm(in) 3.0 x 850 (0.12 x 33.5)


Fuel Type: Premixed two-stroke fuel (Refer to Operator’s manual.)
Tank capacity: cm3(U.S.fl.oz.) 250 (8.5)
Petrol: Minimum 89 octane petrol (RON) Two-stroke air cooled engine oil ISO-L-EGD (ISO/CD13738), JASO FC


Type: Centrifugal, 3-shoe slide

Guide bar / Saw chain lubrication type

Type: Automatic with volume adjuster
Oil Tank capacity: L (U.S.fl .oz.) 150 (5.0)
Oiler Type: clutch related type


Type: Spur
Number of teeth: 6

Pitch: in 3/8

Cutting devices

Guide bar:

Type: Double guard 140375201

Intenz: 142375201

Gauge: in 0.050

alled Length: in 12

Saw chain:

Type: 91VG-52G

Gauge in: 3/8

Pitch: in 0.050

carburetor adjustment

1. Start engine and run for several minutes to reach operating temperature.
2. Stop engine. Remove grommet cover (A) over “H” and “L” limiter needles.
3. Start engine and turn the high-speed needle rich (CCW) until the engine runs between 11,500 and 12,000 RPM. Then turn the low-speed needle rich (CCW) until the engine does not hesitate when accelerated. DO NOT REMOVE LIMITER CAPS!
4. Idle Speed Adjustment.
• Turn “idle” speed adjustment screw (B) CW until the saw chain begins to move, then turn the screw CCW until saw chain stops moving. Turn screw CCW an additional 1/4 turn.
5. Accelerate to full throttle for 2-3 seconds to clear excess fuel from engine then return to idle. Accelerate to full throttle to check for smooth transition from idle to full throttle. If engine stops or stalls after full warm up return the unit to your authorized ECHO dealer for adjustment.
6. Install grommet cover (A) over “H” and “L” limiter needles.

Part NUMBER: A021000232 CARBURETOR – Walbro WT-589

See manuals for more chainsaw specs..

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