Zama Carburetor C1M Parts List


Zama Carburetor C1M Parts List for Zama carburetor identification of all parts with order numbers, PDF manual, view free online images, print or view on any device.

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Zama Carburetor C1M Parts List PDF Diagrams

Zama Carburetor C1M Parts List manual in PDF, suitable for parts lookup and correct identification of all Zama carburetor parts. This parts list shows all parts along with parts order numbers in exploded view diagrams.

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Carburetor rebuild kits and parts are available for the Zama C1M. The Zama carburetor model number is stamped on the carb body.

Zama Carburetor Tune up

On the side of the carburetor are three adjustment screws; there are stamped letters beside these screws, “L” for the low-speed adjustment screw, “H” for high-speed adjustment and “TAS” for the idle adjustment.

Gently turn the “L” and “H” adjustment screws clockwise until they seat with the flathead screwdriver. Turn the “L” and “H” counterclockwise two full turns. Turn the “TAS” adjustment screw in clockwise until it seats.

Start the engine and allow to run for two to three minutes until the engine is at the operating temperature. Turn the “L” screw clockwise until the engine begins to slow, and then turn counterclockwise until the engine rpm’s pick back up. Turn the “TAS” screw counterclockwise until the engine is at a steady reliable speed. Repeat the “L” screw adjustment above to make sure of proper engine speed.

Advance the throttle to the FAST position, turn the “H” screw clockwise until the engine starts to slow, then turn counterclockwise until the engine speeds up and runs smoothly.

Zama Carburetor C1M Typical component parts

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Plug, Welch
2 Nozzle Assembly, Check Valve
3 Strainer
4 Pin
5 Spring, Metering Lever
6 Lever, Metering
7 Valve, Inlet Needle
8 Screw (Pin)
9 Gasket, Metering Chamber
10 Cover, Metering Chamber
11 Screw (Metering Cover)
12 Diaphragm, Pump
13 Diaphragm, backup
14 Gasket, Pump
15 Cover Assembly, Pump
16 Piece, Friction
17 Screw, Throttle Adjust
18 Screw (Pump Cover)
19 Spring, Friction
20 Ball, Steel
21 Screw, Main Mixture
22 Screw, Idle Mixture
23 Retainer (Limiter)
24 Boot, Retainer
25 Washer (Limiter)
26 Limiter, Mixture (L)
27 Limiter, Mixture (H)
28 Shaft Ass’y, Throttle
29 Lever, Throttle
30 Lever, Throttle for Airhead
31 Screw (Throttle Lever)
32 Spring, Throttle Return
33 Valve, Throttle
34 Screw (Throttle Valve)
35 E-Ring (Throttle Shaft)
36 Shaft Ass’y, Choke
37 Lever, Choke Control
38 Lever, Fast Idle
39 Spring, Choke
40 Gasket Airhead
41 Valve, Choke
42 Screw, Airhead
43 Rod Linkage, Air Head
44 Body Ass’y, Airhead
45 Diaphragm Ass’y, Metering
46 Plug, Welch

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