Echo CS-590 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Echo CS-590 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Carburetor Adjustment For Echo 590 (CS-590) Chainsaw

The Echo 590 chainsaw carburetor is run at the factory and the carburetor is set in compliance with Emission Regulations. In addition, the carburetor is equipped with “H” (High Speed) and (“L” (Low Speed) needle adjustment limiters that prevent settings outside acceptable limits.

Echo 590 Chainsaw Engine Break-In

New engines must be operated a minimum duration of two tanks of fuel break-in before carburetor adjustments can be made. During the break-in period your engine performance will increase and exhaust emissions will stabilize. Idle speed
can be adjusted as required.

High Altitude Operation

This engine has been factory adjusted to maintain satisfactory starting and
durability performance up to 1,100 feet above sea level (ASL) (96.0 kPa). To
maintain proper engine operation above 1,100 feet ASL the carburetor
might need to be adjusted by an authorized service dealer.
If the engine is adjusted for operation above 1,100 feet ASL, the
carburetor must be re-adjusted when operating the engine below
1,100 feet ASL, otherwise severe engine damage can result.

  1. Before adjusting carburetor clean or replace air filter and muffler “Spark
    Arrestor Screen”.
  2. Make sure the bar and chain are properly adjusted.
  3. Start engine and run several minutes to bring to operating temperature.
    Flash choke twice during warm-up to clear any air from the fuel system.
  4. Stop engine. Turn “H” High Speed needle counterclockwise (CCW) to
    stop. Turn “L” Low Speed needle midway between full clockwise (CW)
    stop and CCW stop.
  5. Idle Speed Adjustment:
    • Start engine, turn Idle Speed Adjustment Screw “T” CW until the saw
    chain begins to move, then turn screw out CCW until the saw chain
    stops moving. Turn screw out, CCW, an additional 1/4 turn.


When carburetor adjustment is completed, the saw chain should not move at idle, otherwise serious personal injury can result.

  1. Accelerate to full throttle for 2 – 3 seconds to clear any excess fuel in the engine, then return to idle. Accelerate engine to full throttle to check for smooth transition from idle to high speed. If engine hesitates turn “L” needle CCW 1/8 turn and repeat acceleration. Continue adjustment until smooth acceleration results.
  2. Check idle speed and reset if necessary as described in item 5. If a tachometer is available


When starting, idling adjustment speed should be adjusted to
prevent the saw chain from moving. When you experience
trouble with the carburetor, contact your dealer or read the service manual and additional carburetor manuals for the Echo 490 chainsaw on this website.

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