McCulloch Mac-1-43 Specifications

McCulloch Mac-1-43 Specifications

The McCulloch Mac 1-43 chainsaw was a popular tool during its brief production period from May 1962 to May 1963. Manufactured by McCulloch Motors Corp. in Los Angeles, California, USA, this powerful chainsaw boasted a range of impressive features (for the time), including its lightweight construction and efficient automatic rewind starter.

Although it was only available for a short time, the Mac 1-43 left a lasting impression on those who used it, and it remains a sought-after collector’s item among chainsaw enthusiasts to this day.


Engine displacement4.9 cu. in. (80 cc)
Cylinder bore2.125 in. (54 mm)
Piston stroke1.375 in. (35 mm)
Piston ring thicknessN/A
Cylinder typeAluminum with cast iron sleeve
Intake methodReed valves with third port induction system
Manufacturer advertised horsepowerN/A
Weight18.5 lbs. (8.4 kg)
Handlebar systemRigid
Chain brakeNone
Drive typeDirect
ConstructionDie-cast magnesium
Magneto typeMcCulloch
CarburetorTillotson HL series
Major repair kitN/A
Minor repair kitDG-5HL
Air filter systemFlocked wire screen
Starter typeMcCulloch automatic rewind
Oil pumpManual
Maximum engine RPMN/A
Ignition timingFixed
Breaker point setting0.018 in. (0.45 mm) located under flywheel
Flywheel/coil air gapN/A
Spark plug typeChampion J7J, Autolite A7X, AC M45
Spark plug gap0.025 in. (0.63 mm)
Crankshaft main bearingsBall
Fuel tank capacity45 oz. (1.3 L)
Fuel/oil ratio20:1
Recommended fuel octaneRegular
Mix oil specificationMcCulloch two-cycle chain saw mix oil
Chain pitch0.404 in. (10.26 mm)
Chain typeMcCulloch Super Pintail
Bar mount patternN/A
Shortest guide bar supplied12 in. (30 cm)
Longest guide bar supplied24 in. (60 cm)
Color schemeMcCulloch yellow enamel
Paint codesN/A
Illustrated parts list68114, micro fiche card 3
Service manual63829, micro fiche card 34C
McCulloch Mac-1-43 Chainsaw Specs


  • Manufactured by McCulloch Motors Corp. in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
  • One-man operation with a rigid handlebar system
  • Engine displacement of 4.9 cu. in. (80cc) with one cylinder and aluminum construction with a cast iron sleeve
  • Intake method features reed valves with a third port induction system and a Tillotson HL series carburetor
  • McCulloch automatic rewind starter type and manual oil pump
  • Centrifugal clutch and direct drive type
  • Die-cast magnesium construction with a flocked wire screen air filter system
  • No chain brake, and the maximum engine RPM and idle RPM are not advertised
  • McCulloch Yellow enamel color scheme


Overall, the McCulloch Mac 1-43 chainsaw was a powerful and reliable tool manufactured by McCulloch Motors Corp in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1962. It was known for its lightweight design and one-man operation, making it a popular choice for both professional and amateur use. Although it was discontinued in May 1963, its impact on the chainsaw industry can still be felt today.

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