McCulloch Timber Bear Specifications

McCulloch Timber Bear Specifications

The McCulloch Timber Bear chainsaw was first manufactured in the early 1990s and quickly gained a reputation as a go-to tool for professionals in the forestry industry. It was designed to be rugged and powerful, with top-of-the-line components and user-friendly features. The Timber Bear was a popular choice for loggers and arborists, thanks to its exceptional performance and durability.

Unfortunately, the McCulloch Timber bear was eventually discontinued in 1999. Despite its relatively short lifespan, this iconic chainsaw remains a favorite among those who used it in their work. In this article, we will delve into the specifications of the McCulloch Timber bear, exploring the various features that made it such a reliable and efficient tool in the field.


Year Discontinued1999
Engine Displacement3.4 cu. in. (55 cc)
Number of Cylinders1
Cylinder Bore1.81 in. (46 mm)
Piston Stroke1.38 in. (35 mm)
Cylinder TypeAluminum with chrome plated bore
Intake MethodPiston ported
Weight18.3 lbs. with 20 in. bar & chain<br>8.3 kg with 50 cm bar & chain
Operator ConfigurationOne Man operation
Handlebar SystemAnti-vibration
Chain BrakeYes
Drive TypeDirect
ConstructionDie cast magnesium
Magneto TypeElectronic, capacitor discharge type
CarburetorWalbro HDB
Major Repair KitK10-HDB
Minor Repair KitD10-HDB
Air Filter SystemCellulose fiber element
Starter TypeAutomatic rewind
Oil PumpAutomatic with manual override
Ignition Timing26 degrees before TDC
Breaker Point SettingNone
Flywheel/Coil Air Gap0.011 to 0.015 in. (0.27 to 0.38 mm)
Spark Plug TypeAC CS45T, Champion RDJ6
Spark Plug Gap0.025 in. (0.63 mm)
Crankshaft Main BearingsBall and caged needle roller
Fuel Tank Capacity16.6 oz. (491 ml)
Fuel Oil Ratio40:1 with McCulloch oil
Recommended Fuel OctaneRegular
Mix Oil SpecificationMcCulloch two-cycle chain saw mix oil
Chain Pitch3/8 in.
Chain TypeMcCulloch
Bar Mount Pattern10 link
Shortest Guide Bar Supplied16 in. (40 cm)
Longest Guide Bar Supplied20 in. (50 cm)
Colour SchemeMcCulloch Yellow with Black
McCulloch Timber Bear chainsaw Specs


  • Powerful and reliable: The Timber bear was designed for professional use in the forestry industry and was known for its exceptional performance and durability.
  • Lightweight: Despite its rugged construction, the Timber bear weighed in at just 18.3 lbs with a 20 in. bar and chain (8.3 kg with 50 cm bar and chain), making it easy to maneuver in the field.
  • Anti-vibration handlebar system: This feature helped to reduce operator fatigue and improve comfort during long periods of use.
  • Chain brake: The Timber bear was equipped with a chain brake for added safety during use.
  • Automatic oil pump with manual override: This feature ensured that the chainsaw chain was properly lubricated during use and allowed the operator to adjust the oil flow manually if necessary.
  • Electronic magneto type: The Timber bear was equipped with an electronic, capacitor discharge type magneto that provided reliable ignition during use.
  • Cellulose fiber air filter: This feature helped to keep the engine clean and running smoothly during use.


The McCulloch Timber bear chainsaw was a highly regarded professional-grade chainsaw that was designed for use in the forestry industry. It was first manufactured in the 1990s and discontinued in 1999. The Timber bear was known for its exceptional performance, durability, and lightweight construction, making it a popular choice among professionals in the field. Its anti-vibration handlebar system, chain brake, and automatic oil pump with manual override were among the features that made it a reliable and safe tool to use.

Overall, the McCulloch Timber bear chainsaw was a highly respected tool that set the standard for professional chainsaws during its time.

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