Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Operator Manual


Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Operator Manual. View pages online or download a PDF manual with clear easy to understand images, diagrams, and information. Print or download a free PDF and save it to any device, for the Greenworks GD24X2CS36 chainsaw Electric Chainsaw

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Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Operator Manual

Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Operator Manual covers chainsaw maintenance and explains all aspects of the chainsaw and helps you to troubleshoot the Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Chainsaw.

Introducing the Greenworks chainsaw GD24X2CS36 Operator Manual, your go-to guide for using your powerful and efficient Greenworks chainsaw. This detailed manual is available as a FREE PDF download or online view, providing you with quick and easy access to all the information you need to operate your chainsaw safely and effectively.


The Greenworks GD24X2CS36 chainsaw is designed to provide you with high performance and ease of use, and this operator manual is the perfect companion to help you get the most out of your chainsaw. Inside, you will find clear and concise instructions, along with helpful illustrations, that cover every aspect of operating your chainsaw, from basic safety guidelines to advanced techniques for cutting through different types of wood.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, this operator manual is designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow. You’ll find step-by-step instructions for starting and stopping your chainsaw, adjusting the chain tension, and performing routine maintenance tasks to keep your chainsaw in optimal condition.

In addition to the essential operating instructions, this manual also provides helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your chainsaw. You’ll learn how to choose the right chain for different types of wood, how to make accurate and precise cuts, and how to avoid common mistakes that can damage your chainsaw.

So if you own a Greenworks GD24X2CS36 chainsaw, don’t miss out on this valuable resource. Download or view the operator manual today and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to use your chainsaw safely and effectively.

Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Operator Manual

Contents of the PDF operator manual instructions include (depending on the model):

Chain drive sprocket, Rear handle, power trigger lockout, power trigger, air vents, front handle, chain oil tank, oil level window, nose sprocket, saw chain, bar, chain brake, front hand guard, clutch cover, chain catcher, chain guard, Safety instructions, key to symbols, personal safety equipment, inspecting, maintaining, servicing, cutting equipment, how to avoid kickback, general working conditions, assembly mounting bar and chain, start and stop, technical data, (models may vary).

This is the Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Battery Chainsaw User Guide, owner manual, and PDF instructions.

Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Electric Chainsaw Specifications

Brand Name: Greenworks

Product Type: Chainsaw

POWER CATEGORY 48V (2 x 24v)
MOTOR TYPE Brushless
RUN TIME WITH 4.0AH BATTERY Up to 10 Minutes
BAR LENGTH 36 cm (14 in)
OILER Automatic
WEIGHT 3.2kg

Country of Manufacture: China

Greenworks 48V (2 x 24V) 36cm Cordless Brushless Chainsaw

See manuals for more Greenworks Electric chainsaw specifications and information.

More information for the service and repair of the Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Electric Chainsaw can be found if available in any service workshop manual, parts list, carburetor manual, and any technical notes. Available for PDF download or online on this website.

Features of Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Chainsaw

  • Durable and efficient brushless motor
  • Safety first with the integrated chain brake
  • High 20m/s chain speed for a clean fast cut
  • Comfortable to use thanks to the soft grip handle
  • Innovative double battery system ƒ?? All the benefits of 24V, all the power of 48V
  • Petrol performance
  • No emissions
  • Quiet and low-vibration operation
  • No fuel or cables to worry about.
  • Lower running & maintenance costs than petrol equivalents

Read more in the Greenworks GD24X2CS36 Operator Manual.

Powerful 36cm double battery cordless chainsaw

The Greenworks GD24X2CS36 is a powerful yet lightweight chainsaw with a 36cm cutting bar for logging at home. Powered by an advanced double battery system the machine offers 48V performance using 2 x 24V batteries. As part of the 24V family, the battery can be used in any of the other Greenworks tools available, for total flexibility and convenience.

Thanks to its 48V high-performance brushless motor, the machine has an exceptional chain speed of 20m/s to make light work of cutting firewood around the garden.

Double Battery Innovation

The latest innovation from Greenworks allows two 24V batteries to combine in series to power a 48V motor. The benefits include additional power when cutting while utilizing compact 24V batteries which can be used in any of the 24V family of Greenworks tools, from lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and even power tools. The advanced brushless motor ensures maximum efficiency, giving longer runtimes and increased performance.

36cm Bar and Chain

The large 36cm bar and chain allow the cutting of most logs, with the added benefit of automatic chain oiling for smooth performance and long life.

Safety First

Safety is provided by the integrated chain brake, instantly stopping the chain when engaged, such as in the event of a kickback.  (manufacturers description)

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