Husqvarna 142 Workshop Manual


Husqvarna 142 Workshop Manual for the service and repair of the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw. View pages online or download a complete PDF manual with clear easy to understand images, diagrams and information. Print or save to any device.

Husqvarna 142 Workshop Manual Repair

Husqvarna 142 Workshop Manual for the Repair and service of the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw. The PDF workshop service manual has accurate, easy to understand information and diagrams to help repair and service the chainsaw. Service Information to help you to troubleshoot, repair and fix the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw. View pages online or download a complete PDF service manual that you can easily save, print or view on any device.

Husqvarna 142 Workshop Manual Contents

Contents, Introduction, Safety Regulations, Symbols, Technical data, Service tools, Service data, Safety equipment, Starter, Electrical system, Centrifugal clutch, Lubrication system, Carburetor, Tank unit, Anti-vibration system, Piston and cylinder, Crankcase and crankshaft, Troubleshooting, Repair Instructions.

Carburetor – General Chainsaw Adjustment

Adjusting the carburettor involves adjusting the engine to the local conditions e.g. climate, altitude, fuel and type of two-stroke oil. The carburettor is equipped with three adjustment options.
L = Low speed jet
H = High speed jet
T = Idling adjustment screw

The L and H jets adjust the fuel flow to match the airflow that the throttle valve opening allows. Turning them clockwise makes the fuel/air mixture weaker (less fuel in relation to the amount of air) and turning them anti-clockwise makes the fuel/air mixture richer. A weak mixture increases the engine speed and a rich mixture decreases the engine speed. The T screw controls the throttle position when idling. Turning the T screw clockwise gives faster idling; turning it anti-clockwise lowers idling speed (see manual for complete guide).

See the complete service workshop manual, carburetor manual, parts list, operator manual and technical supplements PDF downloads. Also the repair and service articles available on this website for more information on how to service, repair and find parts for the chainsaw.

Husqvarna 142 Chainsaw Specifications

Engine Type single-cylinder two-stroke
Engine Capacity 40cc
Cylinder Bore 40mm
Piston Stroke 32mm
Ignition Type CD
Spark Plug Type Champion RCJ 7Y
Spark Plug Gap 0.5mm
Carburetor Type Zama W-29
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.37 litre
Fuel Mixture 40:1 with two-stroke engine oil
Weight 4.6 kg
Catalytic Converter n/a
Chain Lubrication Type Automatic oil pump
Oil Tank Capacity 0.19 litre

Read the Husqvarna 142 Workshop Manual for more chainsaw specs.

Some owners have reported that they have to adjust the carburetor more often than they would like. Owners report that the muffler heat shield plate often comes loose. This isn’t an unusual issue with gas power tools. Vibration can often expose small design faults that cause fixing bolts and screws to loosen. It’s wise to check your saw before every use to see if everything is tight!

The Husqvarna 142 features a constant flow bar and chain lubrication system. There’s no oil pump, the system is gravity fed. It’s a low cost solution to the important issue of keeping bar and chain lubricated. Unfortunately the other feature of this gravity fed system is that it leaks oil even when not in use! Owners often complain about this issue. Be certain to store your saw carefully where an oil leak can be contained. Apparently it is possible to reach inside the oil tank and hook the feed pipe over the screw thread for the filler cap. This stops it leaking whilst in storage. However, do not forget to unhook the feed pipe before use or you risk a low lubrication disaster!

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