Partner P 461 Parts List


Partner P 461 chainsaw illustrated parts list PDF download has all the part numbers for the chainsaw. You can use the parts list to help repair your Partner chainsaw, showing an exploded view of the Partner P 461 and an indexed list of all parts.

Partner Illustrated Parts List For models: Partner P 461 chainsaw:

  •  (all years)

Partner P 461 Parts List, find the chainsaw parts online or download. Complete Illustrated parts list (IPL) showing an exploded view of the Partner P 461 chainsaw and an indexed list of all parts, with part numbers.

Chainsaw parts breakdown PDF. View online or print the chainsaw parts list and exploded view diagram when you need to identify and order the correct spare parts for your Partner chainsaw.

Download the PDF Partner P 461 Parts List for all parts for a Partner P 461 chainsaw. A parts diagram that you can view on any device or print for the workshop. View the complete list of all parts as an exploded view in the PDF download. Works on any device.

Partner P 461 Parts List Contents

All parts numbers and clear identification with diagrams including (depending on model) in the Partner P 461 Parts List:

Crankshaft, Cylinder, Oil pump, Clutch, Chain sprocket cover, Chain brake, Chain sprocket cover, Ignition armature, Flywheel, Fan housing, Starter cover, Carburetor, Air filter, Extras, Carburetor, Handle frame, Handlebar, Tools, Extras, Chain sprocket cover, Brake shoe, Driving disc.

Partner P 461 chainsaw illustrated parts list PDF download has all the part numbers for the chainsaw. You can use these to help repair your Partner chainsaw.

Download Partner Chainsaw Parts List
For models: P 461

  • (all years)

Partner P 461 chainsaw Workshop Service Manual and Operators Manual as well as Partner P 461 repair articles are also available.

Partner Chainsaw Information: Basic parts (General)

1. Front and or Rear Handles: For holding on tight and keeping control of your saw
2. Chain Brake Lever and Front Hand Guard: Engages the chain brake and immediately stops the chain.
3. Bar Retaining Nuts: Hold the guide bar in place.
4. Tension Adjustment Screw: For adjusting your chain tension.
5. ON/OFF Switch: Must be in the ON position to start. Turning to OFF immediately kills the engine.
6. Primer: Releases fuel into the carburetor for easier starting.
7. Choke Lever: Activates the choke for starting.
8. Air Filter: Prevents sawdust and such from getting in your engine.
9. Bucking Spike: Helps to provide stability and leverage.
10. Starter Handle: For starting the engine.
11. Throttle Lockout: Prevents your saw from accidently starting
12. Throttle Control Trigger: Start and stop trigger
13. Fuel Tank: Mixed fuel goes here.
14. Chain Oil Reservoir: Chain oil goes here to lubricate the saw chain as it runs.
15. Guide Bar and Bar Tip: Support and guide the saw chain.
16. Saw Chain: This does the cutting.

How to Start and Stop Your Partner Chainsaw (General Information Guide)

Before starting:
– Remove all children and pets from the area
– Make sure the saw’s fueled up
– Check the chain tension– Ensure bar chain oil reservoir is filled
– Ensure Fuel tank is filled with 40:1 fuel mix.

To Start:
1. Set chainsaw on ground and disengage chain brake

2. Switch to ON

4. Press primer (for those with one)

5. Pull choke knob out (Do not touch throttle control)

6. Hold front handle with left hand, step on boot loop with right foot

7. Pull starter rope 5X

8. Push choke knob in and pull rope 3-5X more to start

9. Chain will be spinning at fast idle – press throttle lockout and release trigger to stop chain

10. Let it warm up 30 seconds – 1 minute

11. Press throttle lockout and squeeze trigger to cut

To Stop:
1. Release throttle control
2. Switch to STOP
3. Wait for the chain to come to a complete stop
4. EMERGENCY STOPPING: push chain brake lever and hand guard forward, then move the switch to the STOP position.

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