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Stihl 021 parts list suitable for the repair Stihl 021 chainsaw. Quickly identify all parts before ordering spares. Free PDF Clear diagrams and information in this manual.

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Stihl 021 Chainsaw Parts Identification And Repair

Stihl 021 Parts List for the Stihl chainsaw. Repair and service the 021 chainsaw with this manual (IPL), which contains clear repair photos. The manual contains diagrams and accurate information as used by professional mechanics and repair shops to troubleshoot and repair the chainsaw.

View free page images online or download full PDF that you can print or view on any suitable device. The manuals have plenty of pictures and diagrams to make the entire repair process easy for you. Can be used as guides for other models as they may share key components such as motors.

Stihl 021 parts list suitable for the correct identification of all parts of the Stihl 021 chainsaw. This parts list covers all years of production. It is a lightweight chainsaw that was first introduced in 1993. It is still being made today but in Stihl’s product rebranding that happened in 2002, it became the MS 210. It quickly became the favorite choice for any keen gardeners or smallholders. It is in a pdf format which contains clear exploded diagrams to help you quickly find the part that you need to repair your Stihl 021 chainsaw.

Excellent mid-range saw for firewood cutters. Professional features include Master Control Lever which convenient selection of choke, start and stop functions. Chain, bar and outboard mounted sprocket is simple to remove when maintenance is required. Side access chain tensioned makes it easy to adjust the chainsaw.

Specifications And Information For The Stihl 021 Parts List

Introduction, Specifications, Clutch, Engine, Ignition system, Rewind starter, Throttle control, Fuel system, carburetor, Av system, Shaft, Cutting tool drive, Support frame, Special servicing tools and aids.

Stihl 021 chainsaw engine

The Stihl 021 flow pump has a single cylinder, two stroke engine. It has a displacement from 2.15 cubic inches and a bore and stroke of 1.6 and 1.1 inches, respectively. The cylinder is made of aluminum, although the bore is chrome-plated.

An electronic magneto determines the saw’s ignition system. It takes a few Bosch WSR6F or NSK BPMR7A spark plug with an electrode gap of 0.02 inches. The air gap in the ignition coil, on the other hand, is between 0.008 and 0.016 inches.
Fuel Or Gas
Since the motor 021 has one of the two-cycle, it runs on a mixture of fuel and oil. Stihl recommends a ratio of 50 parts gasoline to one part oil and requires two-cycle oil with a TC-rating. They also recommend fuel with an octane rating of at least 89. The saw also requires that filled each chain oil container, continue to lubricate the cutting chain movement. The saw has a fuel tank of a pint and a 0.4 pint tank for the oil chain.
Bar and chain options
Stihl recommends low-kickback chains and bars for 021 chainsaws. Their recommended guide bar is still Rollomatic bar available for this saw in lengths of 12, 14, 16 or 18 inches. They recommend a 3/8 inch Picco chain with six or seven tooth sprocket or a 0.325-inch Rapid Micro chain with a seven-tooth sprocket.

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