Stihl 026 Parts List Manual


Stihl 026 Chainsaws & Parts Workshop Service Repair Manual, Clear exploded diagrams show all parts of assembly from the Stihl 026 parts list. Looking for Full download PDF version?

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Stihl 026 Parts List Identification And Repair

Stihl 026 Parts List for the Stihl chainsaw. Repair and service the 026 chainsaw with this manual (IPL), which contains clear repair photos. The manual contains diagrams and accurate information as used by professional mechanics and repair shops to troubleshoot and repair the chainsaw.

View free page images online or download full PDF that you can print or view on any suitable device. The manuals have plenty of pictures and diagrams to make the entire repair process easy for you. Can be used as guides for other models as they may share key components such as motors.


Stihl 026 Parts List Contents

Introduction, Specifications, Troubleshooting Attachments, Clutch, Engine, Ignition, Starter, Servicing, Controls, Fuel System, Special Tools.

The 026 PDF manual contains very detailed diagrams and descriptions. With exploded parts view diagrams you have access to the most comprehensive diagnostic, repair and maintenance information as used by professional mechanics, technicians and repair workshops. The manual is designed to get the information you need quickly and easily.

The Stihl 026 was first produced in 1988 and is still in production today. It changed its name in the 2002 rebranding by the company to Stihl MS 260. It is one of Stihl’s professional range of saws. It weighs about the same as a 024 but has a greater displacement so gets the job done quicker. The longest bar recommended for the 026 chainsaws is 20 inches.

Stihl 026 Parts List Manual

Models (1) 026, (2) 026 W, (3) 026 C, (4) 026 PRO, (5) 026 WVH, (6) 026 Arctic that this parts list covers as minor specification differences between models.


A couple of original carburetors for the 026 are OEM Walbro K11-WAT, Walbro Wt-194 Carburetor and Walbro WT-426 Carburetor, you could also find a Carburetor Carb Repair Rebuild Kit to make life easier.

Carburetor Adjustment Screws

(LA) Idle Speed screw – This controls the engine speed at idle. If set too low, the saw will die. If set too high the chain will run. This is dangerous.

(L) Low-speed adjustment screw – This is the low-speed jet. This is the adjustment that controls the air/fuel mixture at idle. Adjust this screw too rich and the chainsaw will blubber and die at idle speed. Adjust this screw too lean and the engine will starve. The saw will race or surge. An extremely lean adjustment will also cause the engine to die.

(H) High-speed adjustment screw – This is the high-speed jet. This is the adjustment that controls the air/fuel mixture at high RPMs. Adjust this screw too rich and the chainsaw will blubber, too lean and it will over rev.

Safe Basic Settings

Screws (H) & (L) – Turn the adjustment Screws (H) & (L) down onto their seats (clockwise). Back them off 1 complete turn (counter-clockwise)
Screw (LA) – Turn (LA) Idle Speed screw until the chain stops. Then turn counter-clockwise one-quarter of a turn.

Fine Tuning – Screw (L)

Erratic idling behavior; poor acceleration – Idle setting too lean; turn low-speed adjusting screw (L) counterclockwise until engine runs and accelerates smoothly. Readjust screw (LA).

Exhaust smokes at idle speed –Idle speed setting too rich; turn low-speed adjusting screw (L) clockwise until engine speed drops. Then turn the screw back one-quarter turn and check that engine still accelerates smoothly when you open the throttle. Readjust screw (LA).

Stihl 026 Parts List PDF

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