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Stihl 066 PARTS LIST and repair the 066 chainsaws. View free page images online or download full PDF. Clear diagrams and accurate repair information, print or save on any device.

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Stihl 066 Chainsaw Parts Identification

Stihl 066 Parts list for the correct identification of all parts of the Stihl 066 chainsaw. Full PDF download contains clear diagrams and information. Ideal for the chainsaw repair workshop.

Stihl 066 Chainsaw Parts Identification

Stihl 066 Parts list which is suitable for identification of all component parts for the Stihl 066 chainsaw. The parts list is available as a full PDF download. The 066 chainsaws were rebranded and became the Stihl MS 660 (Stihl MS 661 C-M) which is still being used today. It has however gone through various updates over the years since its introduction in 1994.


Early 1994 – Thin cylinder base ( Red light etc) changed to “thick base”. Base screws changed from M6x20 to M6x25

Mid 1994 – Beefed up crank – Crankshaft BIG end changed from 12 to 13 roller pins from serial number 129 588 002. At the same time, the cylinder base gasket changed to rubber-coated Steel.

Early 1995 – OHSA (NOT EPA) forced the discontinuation of the Dual-port Magnum muffler from serial number 131 960 509. HP dropped to 7.2

Mid 1996 – decompression valve fitted on all 066 from serial number 131 960 509

Early 1996 – Poly flywheel installed and crankshaft bearing increased in size from 13.5 to 15mm from serial number 131 917 066

Early 1998 – shrouds and filter box changed from squared to “rounded ” type. Limiter caps on carbs and EPA labelling…

Early 2002 – Name changed from 066 to MS660.

This is a Parts list Manual for the Stihl 066 chainsaw.

It will give you clear diagrams and all the information you need to fix or maintain your chainsaw.

Contents of Stihl 066 Parts list Manual

Introduction, Specifications, Clutch, Engine, Ignition system, Rewind starter, Throttle control, Fuel system, carburetor, Av system, Shaft, Cutting tool drive, Support frame, Special servicing tools and aids

Stihl 066 Chainsaw Specifications

The 066 uses a single-cylinder two-stroke engine with a displacement of 91.6 cubic centimeters.

The 066’s cylinder is bored to 54 mm with a stroke of 40 mm.

The 066 models is designed to accommodate three types of bars. The 066 uses Stihl rollomatic bars with chains having a pitch of 3/8-inch or 0.404 inches and duromatic bars compatible with 3/8-inch pitch chains. The 066 can mount 3/8 pitch rollomatic bars measuring 16, 18, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32 or 36 inches long. It can use 0.404 pitch rollomatic bars measuring 20, 28, 32, 36 or 42 inches. This saw also supports bars measuring 16, 18, 20 or 24 inches for three-eights pitch duromatic bars. The 066 uses low-kickback and standard chains in pitches of 3/8 or 0.404 inches.

The 066 can hold approximately 1.74 pints of fuel and 0.67 pints of bar oil.

Stihl 066 Parts List Diagrams

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