Stihl FS 400 strimmer Workshop Manual


Stihl FS 400 Brushcutter Workshop Manual for the service of Stihl FS 400 Brushcutter/Trimmer. View page images online or download PDF with clear easy to understand images, diagrams and information. Print or save to any device.
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Stihl FS 400 Brushcutter Workshop Manual

Stihl FS 400 Workshop Manual for the Repair and service of the Stihl FS 400 Brushcutter. The PDF workshop service manual has diagrams and acurate repair and servicing information to help you to troubleshoot, repair and fix the Stihl FS 400 (FS400). View pages online or download a complete PDF manual that you can easily save, print, transfer between devices or view.

Stihl FS 400 Workshop Manual Contents



Engine, Fuel System, Ignition System, Gearhead, Special Accessories For User, For Service, Tightening Torques.


Removing and Installing, Clutch Carrier.


Exhaust Muffler/Spark Arresting Screen, Leakage Test, Preparations, Pressure Test, Vacuum Test, Oil Seals, Exposing the Cylinder, Cylinder and Piston, Removal, Installation, Piston Rings, Crankcase, Removing Crankshaft, Installing Crankshaft, Decompression Valve.

Ignition System

Spark Plug Boot, Ignition Lead, Ignition Module, Ignition Timing, Removing and Installing, Removing and Installing, Flywheel, Short Circuit Wire.

Rewind Starter

General, Rewind Spring, Replacing, Tensioning, Starter Rope/Starter, Grip (ElastoStart).

Throttle Control

Throttle Trigger/Interlock Lever, Contact Springs/Detent, Spring in Control Handle, Throttle Trigger/Interlock Lever, Slide Control, Throttle Cable, Replacing, Adjusting.

Fuel System

Air Filter, Carburetor, Removing and Installing, Leakage Test, Adjusting (three screws), Adjusting
(one screw), Tank Vent, Pickup Body, Fuel Tank/Hoses, Manual Fuel Pump.

AV System



Bike Handle, Loop Handle, Drive Shaft/Flexible Liner, Flexible Shaft, Drive Tube, Housing.

Cutting Tool Drive

Gearhead, Clutch Drum.

Support Frame


Special Servicing Tools and Aids

Special Servicing Tools, Servicing Aids.

Stihl FS 400 Specifications

Technical specifications

Capacity cu-in: 2,45
Capacity cm3: 40,2
Performance kW: 1,9
Performance Um: 2,5
Performance PS: 2,6
Weight kg 1) 8
Weight Pounds: 17,6
Sound pressure level with plastic tool dB(A): 100
Sound power level dB(A): 113
Sound power level with metal tool dB(A): 111
Vibration value, left with plastic tool m/s2 3) 2,2
Vibration value, right with metal tool m/s2: 1,6
Sound pressure level with metal tool dB(A): 98
Vibration value, left with metal tool m/s2: 2
Vibration value, right with plastic tool m/s2: 1,7
Total length cm: 176
Cutting diameter mm: 420
Fuel tank capacity oz: 22,5
Tank volume l: 0,66
The speed at maximum power Um: 9.000

Stihl Engine- see the manual for complete specs.

Stihl FS 400 Brushcutter Workshop Manual PDF

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