Stihl FS 65-4 Trimmer Workshop Manual


Stihl FS 65-4 Hedge Trimmer Workshop Manual for the service of Stihl FS65-4 Trimmer/Brushcutter. View page images online or download PDF with clear easy to understand images, diagrams and information. Print or save to any device.
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Stihl FS 65-4 Trimmer Workshop Manual

Stihl FS 65-4 Workshop Manual for the Repair and service of the Stihl FS 65-4 Brushcutter, Trimmer. The PDF workshop service manual has diagrams and acurate repair and servicing information to help you to troubleshoot, repair and fix the Stihl FS 65-4 (FS65-4). View pages online or download a complete PDF manual that you can easily save, print, transfer between devices or view.

Stihl FS 65-4 Workshop Manual Contents

Safety Precautions



Engine, Fuel System,  Ignition System, Gearhead, Special Accessories For User, Dimensions and Wear Limits, Tightening Torques.



Removing and Disassembling,  Assembling and Installing.


Checking/Adjusting Valve Clearance, Checking Oil Level, Changing Oil, Exhaust Muffler, Rocker Arms/Pushrods, Cam Followers, Cam Gear, Diaphragm, Crankcase, Lower Half, Crankshaft, Valves/Valve Springs, Crankcase/Cylinder.

Ignition System

Ignition Module, Ignition Timing, Removing/Installing, Flywheel.

Rewind Starter

General, Rope Rotor, Starter Rope, Starter Grip, Rewind Spring, Replacing, Tensioning, Starter Cup/Fanwheel.

Throttle Control

Throttle Trigger/Interlock Lever, Contact Springs/Detent, Spring in Control Handle, Control, Replacing, Adjusting.

AV System

Fuel System

Air Filter, Carburetor, Leakage Test, Removing/Installing, Adjusting Idle Speed, Tank Vent, Pickup Body, Fuel Hoses, Fuel Tank.


Bike Handle, Loop Handle, Drive Shaft/Flexible Liner, Drive Tube.

Cutting Tool Drive

Gearhead, Clutch Drum.

Special Servicing Tools and Aids

Special Servicing Tools, Servicing Aids.

Maintenance chart

Stihl FS 65-4 Specifications

Technical specifications

TK carburetors (for older models)

TK carburetors can be replaced with carburetor models WALBRO WT-38-1, WT-38 and WT-38B (all carburetor manuals available free from carburetor manuals page).

Stihl Engine- see the manual for complete specs.

Stihl FS 65-4 Hedge Trimmer Workshop Manual PDF

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