Walbro WB Carburetor Manual


Walbro WB Carburetor Manual and Parts List to help in the correct identification, repair and service of all Walbro WB series carburetors. View free online images or download the full pdf with diagrams and clear information.

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Walbro WB Carburetor Repair And Service

Walbro WB Carburetor Manual and Parts List for the correct identification, repair and service of the WB series carburetor, commonly found on chainsaws and garden power tools. View free online images or download the full Walbro WB Carburetor Manual PDF which can be printed or saved on any suitable device. Clear diagrams and information to help in parts ordering or repair of this Walbro WB series carburetor. Identify all component parts of the Walbro carburetor.

The Walbro model number is stamped on the body of the carburetor


Service Procedure for Flooded Carburetors

Metering Lever set too high-See High-Speed Circuit Illustration

Dirt under Inlet Needle Valve-Remove and clean

Circuit Plate and Gasket leaking-Tighten screws or replace the gasket

Metering Lever Spring not seated on the dimple in Metering Lever-Remove lever and re-install spring

Fuel Pump Diaphragm leaking-Remove and replace with new dia­phragm

Service Procedure for Lean Carburetors

Dirt in Idle Main Channels-Disassemble carburetor & clean

Metering Lever set too low-See High-Speed Circuit Illustration

Hole in Metering Diaphragm-Replace Diaphragm

Pulse line from Crankcase to carburetor plugged-Remove obstruction

Leaky Manifold Gaskets-Replace Gaskets

Leaky Nozzle Check Valve-Replace Check Valve with Kit

Faulty Fuel Delivery System to carburetor-Check complete Fuel Delivery system from Pickup in Fuel Tank to carburetor Fuel Inlet for cracks, dirt, etc. Replace the fuel line or Pickup Filter when necessary

WB Carburetor Maintenance Instructions

Before Disassembly Clean the outside of the carburetor of al I dirt and foreign material and clear a working area for disassembly. Disassemble the Following Part in Sequence.

1. Four Fuel Pump Cover Screws
2. Fuel Pump Diaphragm and Gasket
3. Inlet Screen
4. Four Metering Diaphragm Cover Screws
5. Metering Diaphragm, being careful to unhook it from Metering Lever
6. Metering Lever Pin Screw

7. Metering Lever & Inlet Needle
8. Two Flat Headed Screws
9. Circuit Plate
10. Diaphragm & Gasket

If the choke friction spring and ball, or the choke shaft or valve need replacing, remove the choke valve from the shaft. With your finger, cover the hole through which the choke shaft can be seen. Then pull out the shaft. Remove the ball and the spring from the hole. The choke friction ball should be perfectly round. If the throttle shaft is to be replaced, remove the screw and the throttle valve (butterfly); also the screw and the throttle stop. Pull the throttle shaft and lever assembly out of the carburetor body. Do not lose the throttle-return spring.
INSPECTION: For best results, first soak all the metal parts in a regular fuel mix, not a “carburetor cleaner solution”.
Examine the inlet needle, lever and spring, looking for needle wear at the tip and also at the lever contact area. Replace worn parts.
Cracked gaskets and torn, frayed or porous diaphragms must be replaced. II is best to replace all the gaskets and diaphragms. The carburetor is not repairable if it has a damaged or worn-out main Jet, inlet needle valve seat, or a damaged body casting.

Walbro WB Carburetor Manual and Parts List PDF

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