Walbro WPF Carburetor Manual


Walbro WPF Carburetor Manual and Parts List to help in the correct identification, repair and service of all Walbro WPF series carburetors. View free online images or download the full pdf with diagrams and clear information.

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Walbro WPF Carburetor Repair And Service

Walbro WPF Carburetor Manual and Parts List for the correct identification, repair and service of the WPF series carburetor, commonly found on trimmers and blowers. View free online images or download the full PDF which can be printed or saved on any suitable device using a PDF reader. Clear diagrams and information to help in parts ordering or repair of this Walbro WPF series carburetor. Identify all component parts of the Walbro carburetor.

The Walbro model number is stamped on the body of the carburetor


The Walbro WPF Carburetor has a sliding choke that is opened and closed manually. To start the engine. the slide choke must be closed to completely cover the choke bore. This allows the manifold vacuum to draw into the crankcase and combustion chamber primarily fuel to fire the engine. Once the engine has fired, open the choke. Restart the engine and allow it to idle momen­tarily before adjusting for the correct idle.


After allowing the engine to warm up for a few moments, adjust the idle speed screw to increase the idle speed to 2.000 rpm. Turn the idle needle clockwise very slowly. This will decrease the fuel delivery to the idle system. By doing this the idle rpm will increase. Continue turning the idle needle clockwise until the peak idle rpm is reached. Once this is reached, turn the idle needle 118 turns rich or counterclockwise. Now, back out the idle speed screw to cut the idle rpm until the correct idle speed is obtained. Double-check the idle needle setting. At this time record what the setting is for future reference.


Note that the Walbro WPF Carburetor is a fixed jet calibration. There is no adjustment to be made at this position.
With the WPF at the wide-open throttle position, the slide valve allows the attached needle to be pulled up away from the main jet to supply the correct amount of fuel required at the wide-open throttle position.
Fuel delivered at the wide-open throttle position enters thru the threaded main jet.

Walbro WPF Carburetor Manual and Parts List PDF

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