Stihl 026 Clutch Drum and Chain Sprocket Removal and Refitting

This Stihl 026 chainsaw sprocket guide will help with the Clutch Drum and Chain Sprocket Removal and Refitting of the 026 chainsaw. A Service Manual detailing the Clutch Drum and Chain Sprocket procedures including full diagrams, as well as more complete chainsaw repair information, is available to download. Also a Stihl 026 Parts List, Operator Manual, and carburetor manual are also available to view or download as a PDF which can be read on any device or printed.

Stihl 026 Clutch Drum and Chain Sprocket

  • Remove the chain sprocket cover.
  • Disengage the chain brake by pulling the handguard toward the front handle.

  • Remove the E-clip (1).
  •  Remove the washer (2).
  • If a rim sprocket is fitted, pull it off.
  • Pull off the clutch drum/chain sprocket.
  • Remove the needle cage.
  • Clean and inspect the clutch drum/chain sprocket.


Important: If there are noticeable wear marks on the inside diameter of the clutch drum, check its wall thickness. If it is less than 80% of the original wall thickness, fit a new clutch drum.

Note: If the clutch drum has to be replaced, also check the brake band – see 4.3.2.

    • If the clutch drum is still serviceable, use No. 120 emery paper or emery cloth (grain size approx. 120m) to clean and roughen its friction surface.

Reassemble in the reverse sequence.

  • Clean stub of the crankshaft.

Wash needle cage in clean white spirit and lubricate with grease – see 13.2.

  • Replace a damaged needle cage.
  • On 026, rotate clutch drum/chain sprocket and apply slight pressure at the same time

until driver on oil pump worm engages the notch on the drum’s circumference.

  • If the chainsaw is equipped with a rim sprocket, refit it so that the cavities face outwards.
    1. Clutch

Troubleshooting chart – see “Standard Repairs, Troubleshooting” handbook.

    • Remove the clutch drum/chain sprocket – see 4.1.
    • Remove the air filter – see 12.1.
  • Unscrew the slotted nut from the shroud.
    • Remove the shroud.
    • Pull off the spark plug boot.
    • Unscrew the spark plug.
  • Close the decompression valve (1), where fitted.
  • Push the locking strip (2)

0000 893 5903 into the cylinder.

  • Unscrew the clutch in the direction of the arrow (left-hand thread).
  • Disassemble and reassemble the clutch – see “Standard Repairs, Troubleshooting” handbook.

  •  On 024, if a cover washer is fitted behind the original clutch, do not refit it when installing the new clutch.

  • Screw clutch onto crankshaft and torque down to 50 Nm (37 lbf.ft).
  • Remove locking strip from the cylinder.
  • Install spark plug and torque down to 25 Nm (18.5 lbf.ft).
  • On machines with a decompression valve, make sure the cover is properly seated.
  • If the shroud is replaced on a 026 machine without decompression valve, seal the opening in the shroud with the cap.
  • Check the condition of heat shield (foil) and fit a new one if necessary.
  • Fit the shroud

Stihl 026 chainsaw Clutch Drum and Chain Sprocket Removal and Refitting

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