Stihl MS 151 TC-E Specifications

Stihl MS 151 TC-E Specifications

The Stihl MS 151 TC-E is a professional-grade top-handle chainsaw designed for arborists and tree care professionals. It was first manufactured by Stihl in 2019 and has since then become a popular choice for those in the industry who require a lightweight, powerful, and reliable chainsaw that can be used with one hand. With its innovative features, including the ErgoStart technology, 2-MIX engine, and advanced combustion system, the Stihl MS 151 TC-E offers excellent performance while still being environmentally friendly.


Technical SpecificationsValue
Displacement23.6 cc (1.44 cu. in.)
Power output1.1 kW (1.5 hp)
Weight2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)
Power-to-weight ratio2.4 kg/kW (5.3 lbs/hp)
Sound pressure level96 dB(A)
Sound power level109 dB(A)
Vibration level left/right4.9/4.9 m/s²
Saw chain pitch1/4″ P
Stihl MS 151 TC-E Chainsaw Specs

The Stihl MS 151 TC-E chainsaw has a displacement of 23.6 cc, which is a measure of the volume of air that the engine can displace in a single revolution. It has a power output of 1.1 kW (1.5 hp), which is the amount of work the engine can perform in a unit of time.

The chainsaw weighs 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs), making it a lightweight option for cutting tasks. Its power-to-weight ratio is 2.4 kg/kW (5.3 lbs/hp), which is a measure of its power relative to its weight.

The sound pressure level is 96 dB(A), which is the noise level experienced by the operator, while the sound power level is 109 dB(A), which is a measure of the total noise emitted by the chainsaw.

The vibration level on the left and right side of the chainsaw is 4.9 m/s², which is a measure of the amount of vibration the operator will experience during use.

The chainsaw uses a 1/4″ P saw chain pitch, which is a measure of the distance between the drive links on the chain.

Technical Features

  • STIHL ErgoStart: A spring between the starter cord reel and crankshaft relieves the strain when starting, resulting in a convenient starting procedure with practically no excessive pulling on the cord needed.
  • STIHL 2-MIX engine: The two-stroke engine with STIHL 2-MIX technology saves up to 20% of fuel and reduces emissions by up to 70% compared to STIHL 2-stroke engines of the same performance class without 2-MIX technology.
  • Manual fuel pump (Purger): STIHL chainsaws with manual fuel pumps allow improved starting with a reduced number of starting pulls.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning: Side-mounted chain tensioning makes it easy to tension the chain safely.
  • Tool-free fuel caps: Special caps to open and close the tank cap quickly, easily, and without tools.
  • Service-friendly air filter system: The carburetor can be accessed without tools, so you can clean the air filter in a single step.
  • STIHL anti-vibration system: Precisely calculated buffer zones minimize the transfer of engine and saw chain vibrations to the front and rear handles, allowing the user to save their strength and work longer.
  • Fold-out hook: The fold-out hook serves as a carrying rope attachment for lowering the arborist saw and for security.
  • Compensator: This controller in the carburetor prevents the fuel-air mixture from getting richer as the air filter becomes clogged.
  • Advanced combustion technology: Four overflow channels swirl the fuel-air mix before ignition, allowing for optimum combustion and highly efficient performance.
  • STIHL Ematic System: Compared to conventional bars without Ematic, the STIHL Ematic system reduces the consumption of chain lubricant by up to 50%, depending on the type of wood and the cutting attachment used.


The Stihl MS 151 TC-E comes with the following accessories:

  1. Rollomatic E Mini Light guide bar
  2. Rapid Micro Comfort 3 saw chain
  3. Chain guard
  4. Scabbard
  5. Combination wrench/screwdriver


To sum it up, the Stihl MS 151 TC-E is a high-quality top-handle chainsaw that provides professional arborists and tree care professionals with a powerful, reliable, and efficient tool for their work. With its lightweight design, advanced technology, and range of innovative features, this chainsaw is capable of tackling a variety of cutting tasks with ease.

Additionally, the Stihl MS 151 TC-E’s low emissions and fuel consumption make it an environmentally-friendly option for those in the industry who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Overall, the Stihl MS 151 TC-E is a top-performing chainsaw that is well-suited for professionals in the tree care industry.

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