Stihl MSA 160 C-B Chainsaw Specifications

Stihl MSA 160 C-B Chainsaw Specifications

The Stihl MSA 160 C-B chainsaw is a powerful and versatile battery-powered chainsaw that was first introduced in 2019. This chainsaw is designed to provide reliable performance and efficiency, making it a popular choice for a wide range of outdoor applications, such as landscaping, construction, and forestry work. With its lightweight design, low noise emissions, and low vibration levels, the Stihl MSA 160 C-B chainsaw offers an optimal user experience while delivering exceptional cutting performance.


In this table, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the technical specifications of the Stihl MSA 160 C-B chainsaw, including its power source, cutting performance, and other key features.

Bar length12 inch, 14 inch or 16 inch
Power sourceBattery
Battery typeLithium-ion
Rated voltage36 V
Battery capacityAK 10: 59 Wh / AK 20: 118 Wh / AK 30: 187 Wh
Charge time (AK 10)80 min
Charge time (AK 20)150 min
Charge time (AK 30)205 min
Run time (AK 10)Up to 35 min (with 12 inch bar and chain)
Run time (AK 20)Up to 70 min (with 12 inch bar and chain)
Run time (AK 30)Up to 105 min (with 12 inch bar and chain)
Chain pitch3/8 inch
Chain gauge0.043 inch
Guide bar length30 cm (12 inch), 35 cm (14 inch), or 40 cm (16 inch)
Chain speed11.5 m/s
Oil tank capacity210 ml
Weight (without battery)3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
Battery weight (AK 10)0.8 kg (1.8 lbs)
Battery weight (AK 20)1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
Battery weight (AK 30)1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)
Energy content (AK 10)59 Wh
Energy content (AK 20)118 Wh
Energy content (AK 30)187 Wh
Battery cell technologyLithium-ion
Sound pressure level (LpA)84 dB(A)
Sound power level (LWA)98 dB(A)
Vibration level (front/rear)3.2 m/s² (front handle), 2.9 m/s² (rear handle)
Warranty2-year limited warranty (residential use); 1-year limited warranty (professional use)
Stihl MSA 160 C-B Chainsaw Specs


  • Battery-powered chainsaw with a 36-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Brushless EC motor for efficient cutting performance and longer motor life
  • Low noise emissions and low vibration levels for optimal user comfort
  • Quick and easy chain adjustments with the Stihl Quick Chain Tensioning system
  • Ematic chain lubrication system for reduced oil consumption and longer run times
  • Two-stage safety switch to prevent accidental start-up
  • LED indicator lights for battery life and tool status
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy handling and maneuverability


The Stihl MSA 160 C-B chainsaw is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. Stihl offers a range of battery options to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences.

Here’s a table detailing the batteries compatible with the Stihl MSA 160 C-B chainsaw:

Battery ModelWeight (lbs)Rated Voltage (V)Energy Content (Wh)Battery Cell TechnologyRuntime (w/ AK 10 battery)Runtime (w/ AK 20 battery)Runtime (w/ AK 30 battery)Charge Time (w/ AL 300 charger)
AK 101.13659Lithium-ionUp to 20 minUp to 40 minUp to 50 min55 min
AK 201.836118Lithium-ionUp to 40 minUp to 80 minUp to 120 min70 min
AK 302.636187Lithium-ionUp to 60 minUp to 120 minUp to 180 min90 min
Stihl MSA 160 C-B Chainsaw Battery and Charger Specs


Accessory NameDescription
STIHL Smart ConnectorEnables users to connect their chainsaw to their smartphone for easy monitoring of usage and maintenance details.
AL 101 chargerStandard charger compatible with all Stihl AK and AP series batteries.
AL 300 quick chargerHigh-speed charger compatible with all Stihl AK and AP series batteries.
AL 500 hi-speed chargerSuper-fast charger compatible with all Stihl AP series batteries.
Chainsaw bagProtective bag for safe storage and transportation of the chainsaw.
Chainsaw caseSturdy case for safe storage and transportation of the chainsaw.
Carrying system Battery beltBelt designed to carry a battery and battery charger for convenient use.
Battery belt with harnessBelt and harness system designed to distribute the weight of the battery for comfortable and prolonged use.
AP holster with connecting cableHolster designed to hold an AP battery and connect it to the tool for extended use.
AP adapter with tables (for battery use)Adapter that allows for the use of an AP battery with tools designed for AK batteries.
Stihl MSA 160 C-B Chainsaw Accessories

It’s important to note that some accessories may be sold separately and may vary in availability depending on your location.


The Stihl MSA 160 C-B chainsaw is a reliable and efficient tool that can handle various cutting tasks with ease. Its powerful brushless motor, lightweight design, and easy-to-use features make it a popular choice among homeowners and professionals alike. The chainsaw is compatible with a range of batteries, including the AK 10, AK 20, and AK 30, which provide long runtimes and quick charging times.

Additionally, Stihl offers a variety of accessories such as chargers, cases, and carrying systems to make the MSA 160 C-B even more versatile and convenient. Whether you’re cutting firewood or maintaining your property, the Stihl MSA 160 C-B chainsaw is an excellent choice for any job.

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