Stihl MSE 170 C-B Specifications

Stihl MSE 170 C-B Specifications

The Stihl MSE 170 C-B is an electric corded chainsaw designed for light-duty cutting tasks such as pruning, trimming, and light firewood cutting. It is a newer version of the standard Stihl MSE 170, with the addition of several new features for enhanced convenience and safety.

Designed for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts that offers a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for occasional use. It was first manufactured in the early 2000s and has since become a popular choice due to its 1.3 kW / 1.74 hp power output. The chainsaw also includes safety features and user comfort enhancements, making it a dependable and user-friendly tool.


Like the standard MSE 170 chainsaw, the MSE 170 C-B has a power output of 1.3 kW and weighs 3.0 kg (6.6 lbs) without the guide bar and chain. It also comes with a 30 cm (12 inch) guide bar and uses a 3/8″ P chain pitch and 0.043″ chain gauge. The chainsaw is equipped with an automatic oiling system for consistent lubrication of the chain, and a tool-less chain tensioning system for easy adjustments.

One of the main differences between the MSE 170 C-B and the standard MSE 170 is the addition of a QuickStop Super chain brake. This safety feature stops the chain immediately in the event of kickback, reducing the risk of injury. The MSE 170 C-B also has a front and rear soft grip handle design for increased comfort during use.

Power output1.3 kW1.74 hp
Weight (without bar and chain)3.0 kg6.6 lbs
Guide bar length30 cm12 inches
Oil tank capacity0.20 liters6.8 fluid ounces
Chain pitch3/8″ P3/8″ P
Chain gauge0.043″0.043″
Sound pressure level (LpA)91 dB(A)91 dB(A)
Sound power level (LWA)104 dB(A)104 dB(A)
Cable length4 meters13 feet
Stihl MSE 170 C-B Chainsaw Specs


  • Power source: Electric
  • Power output: 1.3 kW / 1.74 hp
  • Guide bar length: 30 cm (12 in.)
  • Chain pitch: 3/8″ P
  • Chain gauge: 0.043″
  • Chain type: 3/8″ Picco Micro 3 (PM3)
  • Chain brake: QuickStop Super for enhanced safety
  • Chain oiling: Automatic for consistent lubrication
  • Tensioning system: Tool-less for easy adjustments
  • Handle design: Front and rear soft grip for increased comfort
  • Weight (without bar and chain): 3.0 kg / 6.6 lbs
  • Oil tank capacity: 0.20 liters / 6.8 fluid ounces
  • Sound pressure level (LpA): 91 dB(A)
  • Sound power level (LWA): 104 dB(A)
  • Cable length: 4 meters / 13 feet for greater mobility and flexibility


The Stihl MSE 170 C-B electric chainsaw comes with three accessories to help users get the most out of their chainsaw. The first accessory is a Stihl 3005 000 3905 Picco Micro Mini Comfort 3 chain, which is specifically designed for use with the MSE 170 C-B chainsaw. This chain has a 3/8″ Picco Micro 3 (PM3) chain type, a 0.043″ chain gauge, and 44 drive links.

Stihl 3005 000 3905 chain– Chain type: 3/8″ Picco Micro 3 (PM3)
– Chain gauge: 0.043″
– Drive links: 44
Stihl 0000 900 4008 EasyFile– 2-in-1 sharpening tool for chainsaw chains
– Includes round and flat files
– Suitable for use with a variety of different chain types
Stihl 0781 120 1117 SynthPlus Oil– 1 liter (33.8 fluid ounces) of premium-quality chain oil
– Provides excellent lubrication for chainsaw chains
– Reduces wear and extends the life of chains and bars
Stihl MSE 170 C-B Chainsaw Accessories

Also available is a Stihl 2-in-1 EasyFile (0000 900 4008), which is a sharpening tool for chainsaw chains. The EasyFile includes both round and flat files and is suitable for use with a variety of different chain types.

Stihl market a SynthPlus Chain Oil (0781 120 1117), which is a premium-quality chain oil that provides excellent lubrication for chainsaw chains. This oil comes in a 1 liter (33.8 fluid ounce) bottle and helps reduce wear and extend the life of chains and bars.

Overall, these accessories help make the Stihl MSE 170 C-B chainsaw more versatile and user-friendly.


The Stihl MSE 170 C-B electric chainsaw is a powerful and versatile tool, with safety and user comfort features such as the QuickStop Super chain brake, automatic chain oiling system, and tool-less tensioning system. It also comes with accessories, including a chain, sharpening tool, and chain oil. Overall, it is a dependable and easy-to-use chainsaw suitable for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

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