Echo CS-290EVL Specifications

Echo CS-290EVL Specifications

The Echo CS-290EVL chainsaw was introduced back in 1981, and it quickly became a popular tool for many homeowners and professionals alike. For eight years, it proved itself to be a reliable and efficient cutting machine, until it was eventually discontinued in 1989.

Even though it’s been several decades since its production, the Echo CS-290EVL remains a nostalgic symbol of quality craftsmanship and durability for many people who used it in the past.


ManufacturerEcho (Kioritz Corporation), Yokosuka, Morioka Japan
ModelCS-290EVL, CS-290EVLP
Year Introduced1981
Year Discontinued1989
Engine Displacement27.9 cc (1.7 cu. in.)
Number of CylindersAir cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline engine
Cylinder Bore35 mm (1.378 in.)
Piston Stroke29 mm (1.142 in.)
Cylinder TypeAluminum with chrome plated bore
Intake MethodPiston ported
Weight3.8 kg (8.4 lbs.) powerhead only
Handlebar SystemAnti-vibration
Chain BrakeMechanical
Drive TypeDirect
ConstructionDie cast magnesium
Magneto TypeCDI Electronic
CarburetorZama C1S-K1B
Major Repair KitRB-7
Minor Repair KitGND-4
Air Filter SystemCellulose fiber element
Starter TypeAutomatic rewind
Oil PumpAutomatic, gear driven
Maximum Engine RPM10,500 to 11,500
Idle RPM2,800 to 3,200
Ignition TimingFixed at 30 degrees
Breaker Point SettingNone
Flywheel/Coil Air Gap0.3 to 0.4 mm (0.012 to 0.016 in.)
Spark Plug TypeChampion RCJ8, NGK BPM6A, or BPM6Y
Spark Plug Gap0.63 mm (0.025 in.)
Crankshaft Main BearingsBall, 6201
Fuel Tank Capacity200 ml (6.8 oz.)
Fuel Oil Ratio50:1 with ECHO oil
Recommended Fuel Octane89 regular automotive. Aspen2 pre-mixed Alkylate fuel is best at 93 octane, no ethanol, has very long shelf life
Mix Oil SpecificationEcho two cycle. ISO-L-EDG. Jaso M345/FC, FD. Aspen Synthetic mix oil is best
Chain Pitch1/4 in., later 3/8 in. low profile
Chain TypeOregon 25AP, 91SG
Bar Mount Pattern03 link
Shortest Guide Bar Supplied30 cm (12 in.)
Longest Guide Bar Supplied40 cm (16 in.)
Colour SchemeOrange enamel
Echo CS-290EVL Chainsaw Specs


  • It was introduced in 1981 and discontinued in 1989.
  • The engine is 27.9 cubic centimeters in size and runs on gasoline.
  • Engine is air-cooled and has a single cylinder with a chrome-plated bore.
  • Chainsaw uses an aluminum cylinder and has a piston ported intake method.
  • Handlebar system is designed to reduce vibrations and make the chainsaw easier to use.
  • Chainsaw has a mechanical chain brake and a centrifugal clutch.
  • Chainsaw has a die-cast magnesium construction, which makes it durable but lightweight.
  • Magneto type is CDI electronic, which is a type of ignition system.
  • Carburetor is made by a company called ZAMA and is model C1S-K1B.
  • Starter is automatic and uses a rewind mechanism.
  • Chainsaw has an automatic, gear-driven oil pump.
  • Shortest guide bar that comes with the chainsaw is 30 centimeters (12 inches), while the longest is 40 centimeters (16 inches).

Difference Between CS-290EVL and CS-290EVLP

The Echo CS-290EVL and CS-290EVLP are very similar chainsaws, but they do have a few notable differences. The CS-290EVL was the original model introduced in 1981, while the CS-290EVLP was introduced later and was available for a shorter period of time. The main difference between the two models is the type of bar and chain that they use. The CS-290EVL uses a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch low profile chain, while the CS-290EVLP uses a 3/8 inch pitch chain.

Additionally, the CS-290EVLP has a slightly lower weight than the CS-290EVL, coming in at 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs.) for the powerhead only, compared to the CS-290EVL’s 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs.). These differences may not seem significant, but they can impact the saw’s performance and make a difference depending on the user’s needs.


To sum up, the Echo CS-290EVL was a high-quality chainsaw that was manufactured by the Kioritz Corporation (Echo) and introduced in 1981. With its powerful engine, anti-vibration handlebar system, and automatic oil pump, it was well-suited for a variety of cutting tasks. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance made it a great choice for both professional and DIY use.

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