Husqvarna 340SE, SG Specifications

Husqvarna 340SE, SG Specifications

The Husqvarna 340SE chainsaw was introduced in 1977 and manufactured by Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB in Huskvarna, Sweden. It has a 40cc engine with a 40mm cylinder bore and 32mm piston stroke.

The chainsaw features a die-cast magnesium construction, anti-vibration handlebar system, mechanical chain brake, centrifugal clutch, and direct drive type. Its color scheme is the iconic Husqvarna orange enamel, and it comes with a 32cm to 35cm guide bar. The chainsaw was discontinued in the late 1990s.

Specifications Chart

Manufactured by:Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB, Huskvarna, Sweden
Year introduced:1977
Year discontinued:N/A
Engine displacement:40cc (2.4 cu. in.)
Cylinder bore:40mm (1.575 in.)
Piston stroke:32mm (1.260 in.)
Cylinder type:Aluminum with chrome plated bore
Intake method:Piston ported
Weight:5.5 kg with 32 cm bar & chain
Handlebar system:Anti-vibration
Chain brake:Mechanical
Drive type:Direct
Construction:Die-cast magnesium
Magneto type:Electronic
Carburetor:Walbro HDC series
Major repair kit:K10-HDC
Minor repair kit:D10-HDC
Air filter system:Nylon mesh cartridge
Starter type:Husqvarna automatic rewind
Oil pump:Automatic, adjustable
Ignition timing:Fixed
Breaker point setting:None
Flywheel/coil air gap:0.3 mm (0.012 in.)
Spark plug type:Bosch WS7F
Spark plug gap:0.5mm (0.020 in.)
Crankshaft main bearings:Ball
Fuel tank capacity:500 ml
Fuel/oil ratio:40:1
Recommended fuel octane:Regular
Mix oil specification:Two-stroke chain saw mix oil
Chain pitch:.325 in.
Bar mount pattern:01 link
Shortest guide bar supplied:32cm (13 in.)
Longest guide bar supplied:35 cm (15 in.)
Color scheme:Husqvarna orange enamel
Illustrated parts list:Yes
Service manual:Yes
Comments:SG type has heated handles
Husqvarna 340SE, SG chainsaw Specs

In conclusion, the Husqvarna 340SE chainsaw was a popular and reliable tool for both professional loggers and homeowners. Manufactured in Sweden starting in 1977, it boasted a powerful 40cc engine with durable construction and a range of features including an anti-vibration handlebar system, mechanical chain brake, and direct drive type.

The chainsaw’s iconic Husqvarna orange enamel color scheme and adjustable oil pump added to its appeal. Although it was discontinued in the late 1990s, the Husqvarna 340SE remains a cherished piece of equipment for those who were lucky enough to own it.

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